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Jan Dacri Bio

In 1978, when the Acuscope was first introduced, Jan's husband, Dr. Joel Rossen was the first Veterinarian to use one in his small animal practice in North Hollywood, California.  In fact, his was the very first Acuscope to be purchased by a practitioner in any type of public practice.
They were so impressed with the results that Jan and Joel decided to introduce this unique microcurrent technology to other Veterinarians and shortly thereafter, to all types of practitioners in the human medical community.
Their efforts were so well received that the inventor / manufacturer, Dr. Tony Nebrensky, offered them the first Acuscope distributorship in America. 

Jan became the Trainer for their company, spending countless hours learning first-hand from Dr. Nebrensky, acquiring a profound understanding of the technology and its effect on human physiology.

Having a Master’s Degree in Education and a natural ability to teach a subject about which she feels passionate, Jan has developed a comprehensive training program that has now evolved over 40 years.  

Her many "students" are those Operators who use the Acuscope System in all types of healthcare practices around the world; as well as those who are Patient Owners using their own instruments at home. 

Jan's greatest satisfaction is when a trainee says "That makes sense; now I understand;" as well as when she receives feedback about successful results in applying the techniques she teaches.

Jan created the original Acuscope Operator's Manual in 1984.  This manual was used until the newest models were released in 2003.  She has since completed new manuals for each of the models of the Acuscope, Myopulse 75L (Large Body Muscle calibration), Myopulse 75LN (Head-Neck-Face calibration) and the Neuroscope. And she has updated the clinical manuals for the new T Series that was just released in April 2017.

Extensive, detailed, photo-illustrated Treatment Procedures Guides are provided with her trainings.

Her widely acclaimed video training on The Electro-Acuscope/Myopulse System 
(Basic Introduction & Treatment Procedures) is available loaded onto a Flash Drive for viewing on your computer.  
Today as a full-time Trainer of the equipment (no longer an Acuscope Distributor - by personal choice) she supports the current Distributors, by providing Owner/Operators with in-depth understanding of the technology and step-by-step guidance in applications and treatment procedures.  

Conveniently teaching live on Zoom (or FaceTime), she enjoys coaching private Owners in their homes, and Professional Medical Operators in their treatment rooms around the world.