Acuscope-Myopulse in Physical Therapy

Impedance Monitoring
Feedback Modulated


The original microamperage modality.  Still the only one that combines impedance monitoring (biofeedback input) with output delivery of precision modulated bio-identical electricity.  Corrects abnormal resistance levels in conductivity of signals and impulses in nerves and connective tissue.

Address The Nervous System for General Well-Being
Includes stimulating Master AcuPoints along all 12 Meridians
in a variety of ways -  a dozen times (or more), over 1 - 2 months
(depending on the severity of the condition).
The "cumulative effect" restores overall cellular charge
and improves Peripheral Nerve Conductivity.

Address specific area(s) of painful tissue by
direct application to involved location (and referred pain sites)
Boosts cellular metabolism in areas of chronic, atrophied,
fibrotic, scar tissue, and adhesions. 
Boost nerve ending activity where self-repair is acute, damage recent.
Will reduce inflammation and improve condition of surrounding tissue.

Address Connective Tissue with either the Body Muscular Myopulse or
the Micro-Muscular Myopulse (calibrated to communicate with the
micro-muscles of the head, neck, face, fingers, toes).
Revives electrical potentials of depleted contractile cells.
Strength and flexibility return to muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia;
fasciitis subsides. Facial muscles are revived, "lifting" as a result of 
restored vitality; skin tone appears vibrant.  Smiles reappear!

Synchronize Brainwaves to Alpha Frequency Range (7-13 cps)
Acuscope:  8 or 10 Hz
Neuroscope:  8.2 or 12.8 Hz
Reconditions the Central Nervous System 
until it begins to generate even, regular brainwaves independently
of the influence of the biotechnology.
(Neuroscope or home model Acuscope can supplement office visits
where additional reinforcement is indicated.  Prescription required.)
Improves conductivity of CNS (Central Nervous System)
nerve signals moving through brain tissue and down the
Spinal Cord for distribution via Spinal Nerve Roots between vertebrae.

Calm, quiet conductive nerves produce stress relief,
better sleep, and a more cheerful outlook.

Neuromuscular Rehabilitation at its finest.

Combine with PT coaching to choose Healthy Lifestyle Habits
including:  O
2; H2O; Nutrients; Exercise; R & R; and
Positive, Optimistic Self-Talk. 

A truly beneficial service to supplement
standard Physical Therapy Procedures. 

PT Assistants can operate these modalities.

Bill Insurance as Neuromuscular Reeducation;  Cognitive Therapy;
Therapeutic Exercise (e.g., combine treatment with Yoga Postures);
and/or Relearning Body Movement for Performing Daily Life Tasks.

Many Patients will gladly pay their cash co-pay or simply pay cash
for this highly beneficial service, just as they now are doing for a non-medical Massage or Facial.

Acuscope-Myopulse can literally  re-charge the batteries of the
human MindBody Vehicle.  Physcial Therapists are literally  the
"BioElectricians" licensed to provide this valuable service now!

The people are very depleted.  Are they not? 
Their "wiring" is frayed and crimped. 
Lines of communication have become blocked.
Their nerves are "shot."  Nervous disorders are common today.

If you stop to consider . . .
Their batteries are running on low "energy" levels.
Cellular metabolism is compromised.
The mitochondria produce dimished ATP.  
Fuel levels are low!

The Acuscope will reveal this fact to you
(and the patient; and their doctor(s)
in a digital (number} display and corresponding audio sounds.
Improvement over time can be objectively tracked and verified
A series of treatments is required. (Record Keeping Forms
are designed for this purpose; provided with training.)

Help speed up the process of rehabilitation
by restoring vitality at the cellular level.  

Watch as your Patients' gait, posture, strength, range of motion,
and balance return more quickly and therapeutic exercise
produces even better results.

Old wounds finally stop hurting.
New injuries resolve more quickly and more completely
than ever before.

Acuscope-Myopulse Therapy frequently reduces the need for
Pain Meds; especially in early Post-Op where dependency begins.

Microcurrent therapy is NOT an analgesic; it is not like ordinary TENS
that blocks the pain signal from registering in the brain!
The pain signal is reduced because the cause 
is eliminated
as the tissue self-repairs more vigorously.

The only side-effects are positive ones:
improved nerve, blood and lymphatic circulation; 
mental and physical vitality.  Better sleep and the
greater regenerative effects that follow every "good night's sleep."

  • Micro-amperage electricity is biologically compatible.

  • The Acuscope-Myopulse System is the only impedance monitoring, feedback modulated neuromuscular microcurrent.

  • Readouts confirm resistance; objective change can be tracked over time; and progress reported in Notes to Doctors.

  • Patients will talk about their fascinating treatments (the sounds, numbers, various probes and electrodes) with friends, family, co-workers, Physicians, generating referrals.  They will describe how it feels as "completely comfortable and very relaxing."  Possibly when hope was nearly gone . . . They will be saying "Finally, relief has come."  From your work . . . in your Practice!

  • Their improvement will show in the expression on their face . . . and yours!

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