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Q I would like to know the way the Acuscope and Myopulse are really meant to be used.  

There are "FOUR PARTS" to a Complete Acuscope-Myopulse Treatment Session.

The purpose of what we call "PART ONE" Treatment Procedures is:
  • To restore conductivity to the entire Peripheral Nervous System.
  • To generally re-align and re-balance our body's bio electricity. 
  • To achieve a level of overall cellular charge measurable by the impedance readings displayed in Mode-1 of any model Acuscope (when applied using Trigger & Non-Trigger Probes/Medium Tips to Master Points along Meridians). 

In "PART TWO" of a complete FOUR PART treatment session, the Acuscope is used directly and specifically on and around a pain site. 

We are acutely aware of these locations in our own body and/or head, neck, face. Patients can tell you right "where it hurts" usually the worst where it originates; and there is often also referred pain.

The Acuscope measures impedance values (the degree of resistance relative to normal values). We then have a “map of the territory” in terms of bio-electrical activity.

Acute tissue will be more highly electrically active; therefore, relatively more conductive. Especially when hot, inflamed and full of fluids (swollen).

Chronic and depleted tissue will be less electrically active; more resistant to the gentle push of microcurrent moving through the tissue. The flow is impeded; that’s why it is called the impedance value.  Scar tissue, for example, is hardly conductive at all, greatly impeded.

The numbers in the digital display that appear before and after each stimulation show the degree of resistance in the tissue presently situated between the two points of contact.  It is revealed as a number on a scale of 000 to 105 (slightly different on all Acuscopes - you must determine what is the highest possible readout on yours; it might be 104 and it could be 107).  

All numbers are relative to the Gain.  Adjusting the Gain is a key factor in monitoring the readouts and fine-tuning the Acuscope to the tissue being addressed.

As the Acuscope Operator, you are someone who must understand these things; it will enable you to produce the most efficient and effective results.  

You are a: 
Bio technician.
Bio electrician.

Our Bio electricity, once restored to normal, healthy cellular charge and good overall conductivity from the brain to the toes and back, same for the fingers, out from the Spine, and all over our largest organ, the skin ... causes the body to kick into higher gear doing repair jobs required here and there.

Once that is happening, then we give an extra boost directly to the tissue in and around a pain site. We use Frequencies with precision, applying Hz according to the condition of the underlying tissue between the two moving Probes and/or Electrodes.

We Myopulse the same involved area; the purpose of which is to restore connective tissue cells to full cellular charge. 

The electrical potentials of cells comprising muscles, tendons, ligament and fascia is read by the Myopulse. 

CLICK HERE to watch a 3-minute video that shows how the Myopulse 75LN on Auto Frequency reveals the area of inflammation relative to the surrounding depleted tissue in a sprained foot of a 35-year-old woman. You can hear the different sounds depicting the underlying tissue’s state of excitation or depletion. Listen with the Volume turned up all the way. (Please ignore clicking at the beginning.  Myopulse audio feedback begins when the Y-Probe is being applied to the skin.)

It is essential to identify the varying tissue conditions in the involved area.  After determining the zones of acute cellular activity and depleted cellular activity, Myopulse Treatment Procedures follow.    Once we can see and hear what’s going on in and around a pain site, we choose our Probes and Electrodes with consideration. Then: 
  • We apply slower Frequencies to dormant and depleted areas in order to gently “wake up” these sluggish cells; to reactivate cellular metabolism.
  • We apply the higher, faster Frequencies to acute tissue in order to allow the Myopulse to deliver the corrective influence on more frequently repeating carrier waves (i.e., higher Frequencies) that are a match to the tissue’s excited Bio electricity, cells in a heightened state of self-repair. 
In this way the instrument can literally communicate with tissue according to its present state.

The various stages change from day to day and we modify our treatments accordingly.  We can listen to the feedback we hear on AUTO FREQUENCY at the beginning of each treatment session.  Once the tissue is eventually restored to normal, healthy condition, strength and mobility, a consistent mid-range Frequency will be generated from the entire area of involvement and the surrounding tissue.  

And, best of all, pain-signals will have ceased . . . because they are not being generated anymore! 

They are not just being masked by a drug or chemical, or any blast of pain-signal-blocking Milli-Amperage TENS Electricity.

After a series of Acuscope-Myopulse sessions, the pain is actually gone because tissue has finally been able to finish its self-repair work.  We know that it is programmed to do so naturally; however, it had become too depleted to continue until given a biologically compatible boost to its batteries by Acuscope-Myopulse treatment!

A person’s more cheerful disposition and optimistic outlook generally follows automatically.

However, just in case the brain does not yet remember what brainwaves are generated when one is pain free and relaxed, calm and peaceful inside ...

We also apply "PART FOUR." 
The purpose of CES Cranial Electrical Stimulation - trans-cerebral electrode application - is to restore conductivity and cellular charge to the CNS (Central Nervous System) which is comprised of the brain and spinal cord.  

We do this first with the Acuscope (and later on with the Neuroscope at home for continued improvement).  

Across the brain we mainly use Frequencies within the Alpha range (7 - 13 CPS - Cycles Per Second).  An EEG of the brain of a person in a deeply relaxed state would depict even, regular brainwaves within this Alpha Frequency range.  

15 minutes of using Ear Clips or HeadBand is all that is required per treatment session.  Any more would be a waste of time.  It is only necessary to produce the desired brainwave synchronization.  It is a reconditioning process that is achieved in time, over a series of sessions.  

Many will tell you that they would only trust Acuscope Technology across THEIR OWN BRAIN! 
Myself included.

No other microcurrent device does any monitoring, no less base its Output on the Input. Balancing the two sides, each hemisphere, is a very delicate I/O procedure.  How amazing is it to be able to synchronize brainwave formation, rate of repetition and conductivity through brain tissue with billions of neurons, some that have lying dormant possibly for decades!   As long as they are not yet actually dead, nerve cells can be reactivated. Only the Acuscope "knows how" - and only in the hands of an Operator trained to understand the precise methods of manipulating the properties of delicate microcurrents moving constantly within the body and brain.

We Acuscope first because of its computer chip programming; and then Neuroscope (at home) to supplement and reinforce what only the Acuscope can achieve.   When applied properly, briefly, regularly ... the effect is that the brain is actually again operating at greater capacity, more neurons are firing, and the CNS is generating Alpha-waves naturally.

If the Acuscope and Myopulse are used as they are meant to be applied, overall cellular charge can be restored and pain issues resolved.  But like Rome, it isn’t built in a day.  Gradually, over time, consistently ... the best result is to be moving forward in the right direction.

April 2018


Q: Is the probe head that’s treating the injured site the positive end of the electricity, meaning electrons are pushed out of the probe head into the body? 

A: The Trigger Probe Tip (or any electrode plugged into the red ring jack) both delivers the corrective influence into the tissue; and it is where the biofeedback is picked up from. We now call that the “Active” electrode. The other Tip (or electrode plugged into the blue ring jack) is called the “Reference” electrode. 

During feedback mode, the Acuscope reveals the impedance value of the tissue between the two probes by showing a digital readout on the Mode-1 LED display.  At this time, the Active Probe is in Negative Polarity (pulling information FROM the body into the instrument for analysis); and the Reference Electrode is in Positive Polarity (pushing the current toward the Active).  The current is moving in a circle, only in one direction, known as a Direct Current (DC) or "closed circuit."

During treatment mode, once you push the Start Button, the Polarity of the Tips changes / reverses every 2 seconds. 
(Negative Polarity pulls/ Positive Polarity pushes.) This causes the current to move back-and-forth from tissue into instrument (reading) / from instrument out to tissue (treating); and vice versa, again and again.  (There is no readout on the digital display during treatment.)  

Here's what is happening:

When the two contact electrodes switch Polarity, the Active Tip becomes Positive, pushing and delivering the corrective influence into the tissue; and the Reference Tip becomes Negative, pulling it in. The directionality of the current reverses, again and again, until treatment stops.  This is called AC (Alternating Current).
  • When the Active Electrode is in Negative Polarity, the instrument is receiving biofeedback;
  • When the Active Electrode is in Positive Polarity, the tissue is receiving a corrective influence.
  • While the Reference Electrode is in Negative Polarity, it is pulling the current toward itself; 
  • While the Reference Electrode  is in Positive Polarity, it is pushing the microcurrent toward the Active.
Does that help to clarify? 

It is important to understand this fundamental concept when providing Acuscope-Myopulse treatments.

In other words, when the Acuscope is in readout mode, while we are seeing numbers, the current is moving only in one direction ... in a circle, a Direct Current (DC) bringing biofeedback into the instrument with a push of approx. 3-4 µA (microamps), in order to reveal the degree of resistance in the tissue between the two points of contact, shown as numbers on the digital display of Mode-1. At this time, the Active electrode is negatively charged; the Reference is positively charged. As soon as the start button is pushed, the Trigger Probe goes positive to deliver the corrective current into the tissue. And, as stated above, the Polarity of the Tips changes/ reverses every 2 seconds.  

If the Timer is set, for example, at 12 seconds, then after twelve seconds, the Acuscope reverts back to readout mode, revealing the improvement in conductivity in terms of higher numbers on the digital display.

The Myopulse does not reveal tissue impedance values until treatment is initiated.  This is shown as constantly fluctuating numbers in the digital display window.  It is also indicated by the LED lights cascading up and down the scale.  The lights and numbers are actually depicting the peak pulse points in a sinusoidal pulse train.

When considering this aspect of the Myopulse, it is important to keep in mind that this instrument is "expecting" to deliver a corrective influence into the connective tissue when the current is moving downward from Muscle Origin towards Insertion; it is programmed to "pick-up" information (bio-feedback) when the current is moving upward in the opposite direction.  

Thus, it is essential that probes be placed accordingly, regardless of which choice of electrodes are being applied.  For example, if a placement electrode is attached at the neck, near the Origin of the Trapezius Muscle,  it should be plugged into the Active (Red ring) outlet; the other placement electrode is placed further down the Traps, under the Scapulae or anywhere towards the Insertion, and it is plugged into the Reference (Blue ring) outlet. 

It's a good question to ask. Feel free to call if this is not perfectly clear to you. It is a very important factor to understand.  
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Hi Jan

Q: How would I use the Acuscope and/or Myopulse to do iontophoresis? Do you have any examples?

A: Iontophoresis uses electrical stimulation to drive medication into the body. This is generally done with a direct current stimulator. The Acuscope and Myopulse were not designed for this purpose. 

Dr. Nebrensky, the inventor, never suggested that it be used to do iontophoresis. The issue, primarily is that the coupling agent required for the read/treat function is specially formulated, highly conductive Electrolyte Solution or Cream.  The manufacturer's Solutions and Creams are created to overcome skin resistance and stabilize delivery of the information conducted by the microcurrent carrier waves. Any other substance applied topically will interfere with the function of the computer chip circuitry's ability to analyze cellular data and conduct an accurate influence into the tissue.

However, after a treatment is complete, the skin can be washed clean with a hot, wet wash cloth and if a topical application of some sort is applied, the absorption into the tissue will have been heightened by the previous Acuscope-Myopulse treatment. This pre-supposes that the treatment was applied to an area of tissue with a moving electrode. Topical applications following would be applied to the same tissue site.

This is a concept we consider when using the Facial Calibrated Myopulse 75LN or TN and following treatment to the face and neck, we apply Creams formulated by the manufacturer to further boost vitality, enhance Collagen production. One, for example, CRM-CR62, is “a complex blend of essential oils for replenishing vital nutrients to the cells of the skin surface and underlying layer where collagen and elastin become depleted over time”. The skin will be highly conductive after-treatment and the maximum value will be derived from the application of this nutritious cream immediately following treatment.  

Please contact me for a complete listing of the manufacturer's Nutrient Rich after-treatment Topical Facial Creams.  Great for at-home daily use! or call 702-376-4727


Q: Is there a setting or a treatment protocol that would boost one’s energy and alertness, like a boost of coffee?

A: Yes. Yes. Yes. Once the cumulative effect is implemented by overcoming general systemic lethargy over a period of time, then, the boost from Ear Clips or Head Band treatments are conspicuous.

At first, most people are unbelievably depleted and that has to be handled. Can't go straight for the brain until the Peripheral Nervous System can conduct the nerve message relay to the fingers and toes without abnormal and uneven resistance throughout the System.  In the Training Materials, these procedures are referred to as PART ONE of a Complete Treatment.  (Feel free to call or write for detailed Step-by-Step instructions.)

The follow through for people who have had a thorough "overhaul" to their nerves and muscles with  a clinical Acuscope & Myopulse Series of Treatments (
all FOUR PARTS, a minimum of Eleven Sessions), is using the Neuroscope at home. 12.8 Hz is its highest setting. I call it "Crystal Clarity." :-)  Better than an afternoon cup of coffee!!!


Q: What does the Neuroscope do differently from the Acuscope and Myopulse? When possible, would you give me a complete write-up for energy boost by including any and all instruments I now have in my Practice? Thanks. 

A: PART ONE Treatment Procedures + PART FOUR Treatment Procedures are designed to serve the purpose you are calling an “energy boost.”

Here is the concept of what Acuscope & Myopulse Procedures constitute a complete treatment session:

PART ONE = General Peripheral Nervous System Conductivity and Overall Cellular Charge (Acuscope)

PART TWO = Acuscope applied Directly to a Pain Site/Specific Issue

PART THREE = Myopulse applied to the Involved Connective Tissue

PART FOUR = Central Nervous System accessed Trans-Cranially for Brainwave Synchronization to Alpha Frequencies (Acuscope)

The Neuroscope can maintain, supplement, and further produce results in PART ONE, PART TWO (Chronic issues; not Acute), and of course, PART FOUR (offering 12.8 Hz which is the high range of Alpha (7 – 13 cps) for heightened mental clarity.

It’s a follow-through to support maintenance for personal use at home.

The great things about the Neuroscope:

· small unit, lightweight -

· can use it anywhere in the house - in bed, on couch, out in the back yard!

· can fit in carry on luggage when travelling (great to overcome jet lag and eliminate "brain fog")

· has a NiCad battery - good for about 50 X 20-minute sessions before requiring charging (can take it to other countries and use until lo battery light goes on)

The Neuroscope has only 4 Frequencies:
0.5 Hz
4.6 Hz
8.2 Hz
12.8 Hz
So – it is used for General Conductivity; chronic (NOT ACUTE) pain syndromes, deep regenerative relaxation (8.2) and "Crystal Clarity" (12.8).  Used primarily with Ear Clips and HeadBand

The 4.6 Hz is Theta Frequency (drowsy, falling asleep) and because you can set it for 15 minutes, you can slow down the brainwaves to Theta and fall asleep with it on; you can take a nap of a Complete Sleep Cycle (90 minutes to 2 1/2 hours); or leave it on during a full good night's sleep. (CAUTION:  DO NOT USE THE 4.6 Hz Frequency UNLESS immediately following treatment, falling asleep, you can remain asleep for a prolonged period of sleep ... or you will feel disoriented and drowsy.)

With the Acuscope, we cannot do this because it would "kill" the battery. Lead acid batteries have to be plugged in immediately after use. The big, clinical units therefore cannot be used as a Theta Frequency generating sleep aid.

You would use 8.2 Hz for an afternoon "Power Nap" if you can remain quiet or need regenerative rest for recovery periods after illness, accident, surgery.

You would use 12.8 Hz for an afternoon "Power Nap" if you want that quick pick-me-up “energy boost”, to clear the "brain fog" like a cup of coffee - but oh so much better for the brain cells!


Hi Jan

Q: I'm experimenting with the facial Myopulse. What would be the best setting to increase and tighten the facial muscle tone.

A: If you open your Flash Drive, the one that was included in your Training Materials – with all the Documents on it; (the other one is videos) you will find explicit step-by-step instructions.

Look at the folder called:

“12 - Facial Training Materials”

Open document called:
“3 - Probes Used for Facial Rejuvenation” to see all the ways this can be done. The most popular electrode for treatment is the Y Probe; however, you get the best results if you do the procedure with a variety of electrodes.

For the quick overview Step-by-Step, see document called:
“3-B -Facial Treatment Step-by-Step”

The last documents at the bottom of list in this folder may give you some ideas for promoting this in your practice, if that's what you are interested in. They are word documents . . . so you can add your contact information and use as flyers.

If all of this doesn't make it perfectly clear, or you somehow can't find these documents, please let me know.

After you've looked at them, if you still have any questions, do feel free to ask :-)

Call or text me:  702-376-4727  email:

Q:  I have a question about your Treatment Procedures Program, PART ONE.  You indicate that we are to use "Master Points" - same one on each Meridian both sides for "Horizontals" (Procedure #1) and two on the same Meridian for "Verticals (Procedure #8) for up-and-down each Meridian.  How did you decide which AcuPoints to use?  Any particular reference book or source? 

A:  Regarding the "Master Points" question:  If you look at any Acupuncture reference literature, you will see that many of the Points used in the PART ONE Treatment Procedure are the most used AcuPoints.  Stomach 36, Bladder 60, Gall Bladder 20 and GB34, Large Intestine 4, Liver 3, Kidney 1, Heart 7, etc. . . . these are found in many, many Acupuncture formulas for managing all types of problems.  Thus, for the "Horizontals"  #1 Procedure, you will see these used.

For the "Verticals" #8 some of the Points are somewhat more obscure, less familiar.  I chose the ones that are somewhat "popular" in Acupuncture formulas to use for up-and-down the Meridians.

I think that using the terms "Master Points" and "End Points" (ends of fingernails and toenails) and "Junction Points" (where Vertical Lower Body Meridians cross Horizontal Upper Body Meridians) makes for a simple approach that is clear.  The approach is organized this way to be comprehensive when the goal is to affect the entire Peripheral Nervous System.