Jan Rossen Dacri has been developing professional, academic, generously illustrated Acuscope-Myopulse Operations Manuals, Treatment Procedure Guides, and Technology/Anatomy Background Understanding materials for 40 years.  

This collection is comprehensive and provides an in-depth approach to the concepts underlying therapeutic impedance-monitoring microcurrent applications.

The Training Materials Package includes the following:
  • Operations Manual –  for your Model Acuscope and/or Myopulse(s) 

  • Anatomy Reference Charts Notebook  – anatomy Illustrations relevant to therapeutic applications of the Acuscope & Myopulse

  • Background information  for understanding human bio-electricity and the effects of 
    impedance monitoring microcurrent technology on human anatomy

  • Step-by-Step Treatment Procedure Guide s - for all FOUR PARTS of a Complete Treatment
    including detailed Meridian/AcuPoint Charts Notebook for applying techniques that incorporate the use of Acupuncture Points in various therapeutic protocols.
  • Recommendations  for Instrument & Accessory Maintenance, Treatment Room Supplies,
    Roll-Cart Set-up Instructions, etc.
  • Patient Treatment Record-Keeping Forms
  • Wording for Information Handouts/Brochures and Website pages

  • Suggested Insurance Billing Procedure Codes  for Physical Therapy applications

In addition to the Printed manuals and materials, this Package includes 10 Two-Hour Training Sessions with Jan personally.  Speak on the phone or meet on Zoom/FaceTime. Feel free to discuss ANY questions you may have; and/or review any Treatment Procedures.  If you would like coaching during a treatment session, that option is also available.  Use the 10 sessions as best suit you.

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