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A definitive, up to date Video TrainingProgram is now available. 
It will be sent to you loaded onto a Flash Drive (that plays on your computer).

Jan Rossen Dacri, Leading Acuscope Trainer since 1979,  thoroughly teaches the use of the Acuscope and Myopulse, including "An Introduction to the Technology" (Controls, Settings, Accessories); "Background Understanding of Key Concepts" (such as Impedance-Monitoring, Gain Spectrum, Polarity, Microcurrent, etc.); and the opportunity to observe a variety of treatment techniques for various conditions.   

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The Complete Video Training is only $600.00.
You will be sent a Flash Drive loaded with the Complete Acuscope-Myopulse Video Training Program to watch on your computer, anytime/anywhere ... Use for training new Operators as often as necessary!



The goal of this program is to provide an in-depth understanding of Acuscope-Myopulse biotechnology and its influence on human anatomy; to teach this information clearly enough for everyone to understand; and to demonstrate a variety of treatment procedures.

Specific Topics include:
  • Setting controls and feedback indicators on each instrument;
  • An introduction to each probe and accessory;  
  • Detailed teaching of various treatment procedures (including self-treatment);
  • Step-by-Step, examples of complete treatments; 
  • Introduction to certain advanced protocols;
  • A review of relevant anatomy and the influence of microcurrent on cellular physiology.

  • Demonstrations include all three current Acuscope models; 
    as well as both the Body-Calibrated Myopulse 75L; 
    the Face-Calibrated Myopulse 75LN;
    and the Neuroscope.

The value of video:
You can watch any section as often as needed to gain full understanding.  View. Practice. View again.

You can see "how to" details close-up. 

It can help you verbalize your explanations of the technology to fellow healthcare practitioners and patients.  

You can use this video to train other Operators working in your practice, or treating you (if you are a Patient Owner).  

Should you ever need to sell your equipment, providing thorough training materials will insure the re-sale value of your investment.




Do you have the OLDER GENERATION ACUSCOPE 80C & the original MYOPULSE?

Then, this video training is for you.
The Complete Original Video Training Program recorded by Jan Rossen Dacri in the 1980s (8 Hours - Basic Intro to the Technology and Treatment Procedures) uses the Acuscope Model 80C and the original model Myopulse.  

The basic concepts are still the same!  If you are using these older models, you will especially appreciate the information in this training DVD, listed below.

The Basics; A Complete Acuscope-Myopulse Training on DVD 

An introduction to the Electro-Acuscope/Myopulse System;
Understanding and Using Feedback-Modulated Microcurrent

Part 1 – Basic Introduction to the Electro-Acuscope and Myopulse - Operations and Accessories 
introduces the front panel controls of both instruments (the dials, settings, auditory feedback, digital display, etc.) and explains the uses of a wide array of accessories. 

Part 2 – Treatment Procedures - Demonstrations of Patient Applications
will familiarize the practitioner with basic treatment protocols and procedures (includes actual patient treatments). 


Price: $250.00 + shipping.
To order see below.

Using the Acuscope Model 80C and the original Myopulse, this training program provides a good foundation for understanding and giving treatments, regardless of the Model Acuscope and/or Myopulse you are using. Jan’s explanations are clear, concise and detailed. Menu screen navigation allows for easy review.

8 Hour Training Video on CD-rom 
(Ships Within US only)

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