Training Options

Feel free to call right now to discuss your Acuscope-Myopulse training needs. 

Phone or text: 702-376-4727       

Set up an appointment to meet with Jan on Zoom (or FaceTime). No charge. 
Experience the value of this opportunity to meet "face to face" anytime,  as needed.

Note to Practitioners:

If you are just beginning . . . or if you are already an experienced Acuscope-Myopulse Operator, you may be feeling that there must be more to be learned.

if you would like to learn additional Treatment Procedures, or simply have a deeper, clearer understanding of the technology and it's impact on bioelectricity  . . . in other words, if you would like to take your work with the Acuscope and/or Myopulse to the next level, train personally with Jan. 

Achieve a more thorough understanding by personalized one-to-one training. Advanced training can create a stronger foundation for giving efficient and effective treatments.


Your Choices Include *
  • On Zoom or FaceTime (Computer Screen or iPad - Live Two-Way Communication)
  • Phone & Email Support

* All of these options include photo-illustrated, professionally written training materials
   sent to you by Email (download PDF documents).


Zoom or FaceTime Training

Convenient and not expensive!

Literally face to face .. . ask questions, watch treatment demonstrations, receive coaching while you treata patient (or yourself) in your own treatment room . . . anytime . . . as often as needed!

Just in case you don’tknow what Zoom or FaceTime is, it allows you to see and talk to another person on yourcomputer or iPad screen, live, anywhere in the world. If you haven't experienced this yet, it’seasy to sign-up, and simple to use. You must have a computer with a camera (or iPad) andhigh-speed internet access. 

Go to and it will show you how to create an accountin less than 5 minutes (FREE).  

If you have an Apple Computer or iPad, it comes loaded with FaceTime and you only need to set up an account.

Aim your computer camera to show Jan aview of you using your equipment; and you will be able to see her using herAcuscope(s), Myopulse(s), Neuroscope and accessories right on your screen!

Since everyone learns at theirown pace, Zoom/FaceTime provides an opportunity for individualized pacing and Jan'sundivided attention to your particular needs. Whether you’re just gettingstarted using the instruments or have been giving treatments for years, thistraining is great for everyone.

Learn the newestprotocols that may not have been known when you started; discover how to geteven better and quicker results from your treatments. Quickly you willmore fully understand both the technology (feedback, settings, accessories,etc.) and the secrets of the most effective treatment procedures by live, personalized training.

Sessions can bescheduled several days in a row, days apart, or once per week to give you anopportunity to read the Training Materials, practice applying what you willhave learned in between live sessions, collect questions to be answered in the next session.  Include one or more sessions treating a patient (or yourself); or, request to observeJan treating a patient in her treatment room for demonstration of techniques you wish to master.



Above are Jan and trainee, Ed Szeto, Massage Therapist, Los Angeles, CA. Below, Jan is with Staysea Sumner, Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist, Manhattan Beach, CA. 



Phone Training & Email Support

Callto set up an appointment for phone training from 15 minutes to one or morehours. 

For further details: 
Phone: 702-376-4727      


Comments about Jan’s Training

"We are so impressed with the sophisticated level of training materials and insightful instruction.  Her years of experience and exceptional ability to explain the technology are giving us the opportunity to maximize our investment."

-JP, Bio-Technician, Canada

“We’ve been using the Acuscope and Myopulse for years with limited understanding of some of the key components (Frequency, Gain Setting, Digital Feedback, etc.) and we now know so much more about settings as well as combinations of electrodes.  This training has vastly improved our understanding and our results.”

- James Whitfield, MD

“I’m so glad I found Jan. It all now makes sense!  I finally feel as though I really know how to use the Acuscope in a refined and advanced way; and my Myopulse technique has reached a whole new level.”

- Tammy, Certified Bio-Technican, Santa Rosa, CA

“My office is buzzing with excitement since Jan’s Zoom Trainings. Over the weeks of 
once-per-week meetings, we have practiced and applied what she has taught us.  
We’ve studied her excellent Training Materials individually and in group sessions. I can’t thank her enough for optimizing our techniques and inspiring my therapists.”
                                                                                                       - Dr. JDR, CA


“We now have a better perspective on what is possible with our Acuscope and Myopulse. 
We had no idea what we were missing and now our patients are raving about their results. Thanks to Jan’s expertise!”

 - Dr.    Jordan Rush, Chicago