Microcurrent Research & Acuscope Studies

In this section (below) you will find two categories of Research and Studies.  

The first (top) category includes studies specifically utilizing the Electro-Acuscope and/or Myopulse.
The second (lower) section pertains to the findings of general research on the effects of low level (microcurrent) electrical stimulation on many types of tissue conditions.  


An Elsevier published Clinical Investigation shows that three months of treatment with the Acuscope and Myopulse significantly improved range-of-motion and reduced the post-op pain and fibrosis resulting from head and neck Cancer surgery and radiation therapy.  (See photos of treatments being given.)
Pilot Study of Impedance-Controlled Micro-Current Therapy for Managing Radiation-Induced Fibrosis in Head-and-Neck Cancer Patients

A study to evaluate the effectiveness of Electrical Stimulation using the Electro-Acuscope in the treatment of Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS).  Ear Points (Auricular Therapy), Gumline-Odonton (Tooth) Nerve Roots, and Transcranial Stimulation (Ear Clips - prolonged CES) were applied.   "Good or excellent results were obtained in all patients."
The Treatment of Post-Polio Syndrome with Electro-Acuscope

TMD causes significant pain in the jaw and face. This study clearly shows the use of the Acuscope and Myopulse for pain relief.  The article is well illustrated with many clear photos.  The study concluded that there were significant results which warrant further investigation.  Published by "The Harvard Society for the Advancement of Orthodontics," Boston, Massachusetts:
Pain Relief Utilizing Microcurrent Impedance Controlled Therapy

Accelerated Healing of Skin Ulcers - a Photo Illustrated Report.  The first link is to the discussion of the five clinical studies.  The following links are photo-illustrations of the results:

Forty subjects with chronic back pain were divided into two groups - one received real microcurrent electrical stimulation with the Electro-Acuscope, and the other a placebo treatment.  A two-month follow-up showed a significant difference:  75.22% pain reduction in the group that had actually received treatments, and 6.3% pain reduction in the placebo group:

This study concludes that Acuscope Therapy is “significantly superior to conventional physical therapy in the following areas:  number of treatments required to relieve pain, severity of side effects, total cost of treatment, and patient satisfaction with the treatment.”  It further states that “Micro-Amperage neural stimulation appears to have considerable merit in the treatment of physical injuries.”

Letter from Terry Oleson, Ph.D., long regarded as the foremost authority on Auricular Therapy

A long and in-depth article published in 2010 covering the scientific background of microcurrent with a focus on Acuscope & Myopulse:
Next Generation Devices in Health, Wellness, and Beauty Care - White Paper

A study was conducted on the Treatment of Trigger Points in the neck and shoulder region by 
microamperage Acuscope and placebo.  Results:  higher change of Trigger Point indicators draws the conclusion that microamperage stimulation is effective in the treatment of Trigger Points.  (Acuscope protocols are given.)

One sheet report of a Brain Imaging Experiment utilizing the Acuscope for CES (Cranial Electrical Stimulation).  Results are shown in color:

A study utilizing the Myopulse only.  The results prove that muscle strength and sports performance in general can be significantly improved by this method of therapy:
An Informal Double-Blind Study to Evaluate Muscle Strength in Athletes Treated with the Myopulse - Picker-Scott

A Medical Doctor concludes that a combination of Acupuncture Point Stimulation with needles and with transcuaneous feedback-modulated micro-current is effective in the treatment of a variety of conditions:

Promising results from a two year study, monitored by a neuro-opthamologist conducting clinical visual function examinations.  Thirty individuals diagnosed with typically untreatable eye diseases, Macular Degeneration and other serious vision problems, were treated using the Acuscope.  This paper was presented during the Fourth Annual Symposium on Biologically Closed Electrical Circuits:

In a 6 year study in which 250 cases of athletic pubalgia were investigated, patients were treated with a protocol combining high-power laser therapy with Acuscope-Myopulse treatments.  Results: "90% of patients treated with this protocol resolved lesions in one month, the symptoms decreased rapidly furthering the re-starting of sports activity."  Conclusion: "the associaton between laser therapy and Electro-Acuscope-Myopulse is the best choice in athletic pubalgia syndrome."  
Presented at the XIV International Congress on Sports Rehabilitation and Traumatology 2005 
Research conducted at Sportlife Medical Center; Brescia, Italy



The most often-quoted reference to the effects of microamperage stimulation.  This is the original published document:

Several articles relevant to the above study:

The Nobel Prize was awarded to two scientists who in 1992 discovered a way to prove that the electrical potentials of the cell membrane establishes a gradient which prevents or allows ions (sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, etc.) to pass through miniscule pore-like ion channels.  The relevance of this scientific breakthrough to understanding the benefits of microcurrent is founded on evidence that microamperage stimulation reestablishes normal cellular electrical potentials (repolarization of the cell membrane):
Ion Channels and the Award of the Nobel Prize to Sakmann and Neher 

A published article comparing the effects of electrical stimulation above and below 1 milliamp:
Macro-Current and Micro-Current Electrostimulation in Sport

A published study on microcurrent treatment of Fibromyalgia associated with Cervical Spine Trauma.    This study reports that "microcurrent provides physiologic current flow;" inflammatory cytokine changes and pain reduction result.

The pioneering work of Dr. Robert Becker who revolutionized our thinking about bio-electricity:

Sample overview of findings from a search for research on the effects of micro-current:
Research Findings - Microcurrent Stimulation

Another summary Report of Published Articles:

A more detailed look at a number of published studies:
Scientific and Clinical Studies on Microcurrent