All Training Programs Include the Following Components

Live Training

Tailored Zoom Lessons From Acuscope Authority
Jan Dacri, M.A. Edu

Embrace Comprehensive Training with engaging one-on-one Zoom or FaceTime sessions. As many as needed if you are an experienced Operator; a minimum of 10 if you are new to the technology; extra sessions if required, guaranteeing your mastery and confidence in fully utilizing the system.

Optimize Your Equipment Cart and Treatment Room Setup: Gain informative insights and recommendations as you create the ideal environment for comfortable treatments.

Your Lifeline of Support: Training includes personalized assistance via email, text, and phone calls, available indefinitely for your peace of mind.

Guided Practice Sessions: Receive personalized coaching as you individually, your team, or pairs engage in hands-on practice sessions. Whether treating yourself or others, benefit from real-time observation and expert feedback to enhance your skills.

Live Patient Treatment Sessions for Training Purposes: Engage in real-world treatments (with patient consent) allowing you to refine your skills under expert guidance.

Flexible Learning Tailored to You: Enjoy the freedom to request personalized lessons addressing specific topics, making your training experience truly adaptable.

“Thank you so much!  I could never have understood the proper use of the instruments without your help.

What are all the others doing who haven’t received your training?”

Dr. A.

ith Jan’s supervision and coaching live on Zoom or FaceTime, you can work your way through learning each basic treatment procedure and probe technique from the comfort and convenience of your own treatment room. Using your own well-organized equipment to practice in-between live training sessions, you will develop the expertise required to master each procedure and have the opportunity to ask questions during your next session.

Online Training Course

Work at Your Own Pace as You Complete a Comprehensive Introduction to the Acuscope-Myopulse System

A Solid House Needs a Solid Foundation: Learn the technology’s fundamentals and build an understanding of key concepts. Our online curriculum includes written lessons that are enhanced by photos, illustrations, and videos. Interactive quizzes reinforce your understanding and solidify key concepts, ensuring you master the material effectively and efficiently.

A Legacy of Learning: Over Forty Years of Wisdom Brought to You: Our online training distills a lifetime of hands-on experience and dedicated study into an accessible format, ensuring a valuable and enriching learning process.

Unmatched in the Industry: The unrivaled depth of our online training is still only one facet of the Complete Training Program.

Work through the online training at your own pace. Return to completed lessons and review them as often as you’d like. Many students request that the course be completely reset so they can take it again and again!

Written Materials

Step-by-step Treatment Procedures Guides: Your Key to Understanding the Technology

Pioneering Authority: Being the very first Distributor of this groundbreaking technology, we were entrusted by its creator to craft the original Operations Manual. Updated and enhanced over six generations of Acuscope Technology, our Operations Manual is a truly integral part of our comprehensive Training Materials.

Four Decades in the Making: Representing a lifetime of commitment, creating and refining, our educational library of Training Materials has become a collection completely unrivaled in the industry.

Comprehensive Care, Profound Results: At the heart of our training lies a concept we call the FOUR PARTS of a COMPLETE TREATMENT, a proprietary system meticulously crafted over decades of treatment room experience and consultations with healthcare professionals in every field.

This advanced methodology represents a transformative understanding: that true wellness will not be achieved by simply addressing symptoms. Instead, it occurs after restoring electrical conductivity throughout the body and brain. Our fully-illustrated guidebook—over 150 pages—delves into every facet of this system, not only detailing the precise “how” of treatments but also illuminating the “why.” Immerse yourself in a step-by-step guide that reveals the secrets of the FOUR PARTS, fostering a profound insight that all treatment procedures fall under one of these four categories and when combined the results optimize the body’s innate capacity for self-repair and well-being.

“My office is buzzing with excitement since Jan’s Zoom Trainings. Over the weeks of once-per-week meetings, we have practiced and applied what she has taught us.  We’ve studied her excellent Training Materials individually and in group sessions. I can’t thank her enough for optimizing our techniques and inspiring my therapists.”

JDR, M.D.,CO, 2017

Navigate the Body’s Meridians and Acupoints: A key to unlocking the full potential of your Acuscope treatments lies in applying techniques based on addressing Meridians and Master Acupoints. Our illustrated guide provides an easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach, mapping out with clarity exactly how to deliver non-invasive microcurrent Acupoint therapy.

Learning Key Concepts: The Technology – Developing a repertoire of skills in applying the controls and electrodes requires the understanding concepts such as Frequency, Intensity, Gain Spectrum, Polarity, etc. Without this foundation, efficiency is lost, and results are compromised.

Background Understanding: Cellular physiology, the principles of bioelectricity, electrical capacitance, impedance-monitoring, microcurrent… these are a few terms an Acuscope Operator must be familiar with. The ability to interpret the digital and auditory feedback is critical. Learn key terminology and gain real understanding to become a successful and respected practitioner.

Seamless Transition to Business Success: We understand that if you are a healthcare practitioner, launching an Acuscope-Myopulse practice is a significant step. To facilitate your seamless transition into operating a fully-functioning business, we’ve created detailed paperwork for patient intake and record-keeping charts and forms, provided for you to keep track of the progress of anyone you are treating, including yourself! Created primarily for use in a clinical office setting; also useful at home for self-care. These essential documents, included in your training package, streamline your administrative paperwork, empowering you to focus on what truly matters— delivering exceptional treatments and building lasting patient/client relationships.

Expanded Learning with Digital Resources: Multi-media learning implies that in addition to receiving the printed materials listed above, clients gain exclusive access to an expansive array of digital content that further enriches their training journey.

  • The digital package begins with the entirety of the printed materials, giving you easy access from any of your devices (phone, iPad, computer).
  • From there, dive into a comprehensive guide to the anatomy most relevant to Acuscope and Myopulse treatments.
  • Read a collection of scientific articles meticulously curated to deepen your understanding of the technology’s foundations.

We’ve gone digital! You can now use your preferred device to easily access electronic copies of the entire library of printed material, then explore dozens of additional articles and guides we’ve provided to enrich your training journey.

Training Program Options

Call now to discuss a training program that suits your specific needs; as a healthcare professional or for personal use at home.

(702) 376-4727 Feel free to text to set up a time to talk.

Basic Introductory Training

For Everyone Using Acuscope and Myopulse Technology

Basic training is included with the purchase of any new system. Understanding of underlying concepts, mastery of the controls, and familiarity with the vast possibilities of treatment procedures does not happen without training. This unique impedance-monitoring microcurrent technology requires the Operator to be knowledgeable in interpreting the feedback and applying appropriate solutions in widely varying conditions. If you have had training from another source, feel free to sign up for a fresh perspective!

Advance or Update Your Training

For Experienced Operators/Owners

Available for those who already own their equipment (any model Acuscope or Myopulse) and feel the need for more in-depth knowledge and comprehensive treatment options. Take your understanding to a new level. Review the basics and discover new insights.

All types of Practitioners are welcome to further develop your techniques, treatment procedures, and applications.

“I’m so glad I found Jan. It all now makes sense! I finally feel as though I really know how to use the Acuscope in a refined and advanced way; and my Myopulse technique has reached a whole new level.”

TH, Physical Therapy Assistant, Santa Rosa, CA, 2018

Training for At-Home Use

Manage Pain or Stress; Improve Vitality

For those using the Acuscope System at home, a customized training program can help you to achieve the best results. Develop new treatment approaches to accelerate your progress.

If you don’t already own your own Acuscope or Myopulse, call for equipment purchase advice specific to your personal needs. Healthcare professional prescription required.

Sports Injury Recovery Training

Manage Pain or Stress; Improve Vitality

By including Acuscope and Myopulse treatments in a rehab program, you can count on speedier tissue repair, less pain meds, and grateful athletes!

Major League Professional Teams have been using this technology since the 1980s. Trainers and Therapists attest to faster recovery and in many cases a surprisingly quick return to workouts and full sports participation.

Training for Nurses and CNAs

A New Way to Be of Service

Post-Covid, many licensed nursing professionals are currently looking to explore new options and opportunities to change their work as a nurse.

Providing Acuscope and Myopulse Treatment is within their scope of practice and is a rewarding and deeply satisfying way to contribute to the health and wellness of the people in their community.

From intense, acute, painful neuromuscular conditions to chronic long-term problems, the Acuscope System can help accelerate tissue repair while calming and relaxing the nerves.

Without any invasive measures (no needles, pills, or surgery) biologically compatible microcurrent comfortably produces remarkable results: vitality levels restored naturally, age-related issues resolved, and reports from patients of once again living quality, pain-free lives.

Our specialized program for nurses and CNAs makes available hands-on, in-person training with a nurse who is currently an Acuscope and Myopulse Practitioner. Once you own your own System and complete your basic training with lead trainer Jan Dacri, you can further enhance your skills under the caring and knowledgeable supervision of a fellow nurse. Experience the benefits of the Acuscope and Myopulse first hand while participating in their practice.

Esthetic Applications for Professional and Personal Use

Remarkable Microcurrent Face Lift and Skin Rejuvenation

For anyone treating themselves or others for facial and skin beautification. Learn all of the ways to apply microcurrent to the face, neck, upper chest, and treat skin conditions including wrinkles, dark spots, and cellulite. Unique techniques for these specific applications. Specialty Conductive Creams and Solutions are available.

Licensed estheticians and cosmetologists can professionally offer the ultimate “microcurrent face lift” with the Rolls-Royce of its category, the Electro-Myopulse 75TN.

Folks at home will enjoy a customized course for their own Esthetic self-application.

Before and After Esthetic Treatment with the Myopulse 75TN

Neuroscope Training

At-home Self-care to Maintain Vitality and Remain Stress Free

This small, lightweight and convenient little device can be taken on vacation or used anywhere in the house:

  • on a couch for an afternoon power nap,
  • relaxing on a non-electrical recliner,
  • in bed to help you fall asleep,
  • or, on a pleasant day, out in the back yard.

The Neuroscope offers an opportunity for maintenance self-care at home that is vital in a healthy lifestyle program.

Once you have completed a series of Acuscope-Myopulse treatments in a clinical setting, and you are pain free, back to a state of vitality, and sleeping well… you can reinforce the benefits with your own personal microcurrent device! Reminding your nervous system to produce alpha wave nerve signals to achieve and maintain a state of calm relaxation and theta waves to help you fall asleep—and sleep soundly—can produce profound benefits in your daily life.

When I finished my series of Acuscope and Myopulse treatments, my pain was gone, I had more energy, and I was actually sleeping well!  And I wanted to keep it that way!

My doctor prescribed a Neuroscope for home use, and Jan made sure I had all the knowledge and experience I needed (and more!) to feel comfortable and confident using this amazing little unit on my own!

Thank you Jan!

Angela R., Poughkeepsie, NY

If you already own a Neuroscope, you will appreciate this Neuroscope Training Program, further enabling you to derive the fullest mind/body benefit and maintain daily vitality. If you don’t already have a Neuroscope, call to inquire. Healthcare professional prescription required for patient home use.

Popular for rental or sale by professionals. Call to inquire about available professional courtesy discounts. Training and suggestions are available for incorporating Neuroscope into your practice for enhanced benefit to your patients and to further ensure compliance in after-crisis self-care.

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