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Case Reports

Stories of Success from Patients and Practitioners Using this Technology Around the World

62 year-old Female: Scoriasis; Diabetic Neuropathy2023-10-24T18:10:51+00:00

Female Age 62 Scoriasis; Diabetic Neuropathy

Severe, scaly skin condition with pain and swelling in the feet, weakness in the legs. Difficulty walking. Exhausted, debilitated and depressed when she first came to us. Had tried many types of prescription skin creams and ointments that weren’t working.

After 3 weeks of Acuscope and Myopulse treatment: Much better circulation all the way into the feet; pain and numbness are gone. Now the creams are actually working and absorbing into the skin. She reports feeling so energetic she is cleaning her house and going out socially. So much happier.

See Before and After image below:

36 year-old Male: Back Injury from Auto Accident2023-10-15T13:43:17+00:00

Profession: Farrier

Back injury from auto accident, L5 fracture 2 yrs prior to coming in for treatment. Reports that he has chronic pain in whole back, but has the worst pain in c-spine and lumbar spine.

After session 1, felt “looser”.  After session 4 had significant reduction in pain, including after a full day’s work shoeing horses. Resolution of chronic pain after session 5,  the patient gets minor muscle soreness from time to time and comes in for maintenance sessions every 6-8 months.

9 year-old Male: Severe ADD2023-09-29T16:00:24+00:00

Symptoms: Severe ADD, anxiety, trouble sleeping, anger issues, crying constantly, not wanting to even speak in English (spoke only in Spanish and not much at all), not willing to cut his own food, no appetite, had sporadic trembling of the hands, was not able to understand simple instructions, had trouble communicating with his parents and at school.

The boy received 14 treatments, one per day for 14 days, with the Neuroscope.

After the first few, the he started focusing his eyes on me when he spoke.  After the full 14 treatments his parents and I noticed that he is now able to understand instructions, does his homework fine, does not get angry, does not tremble any more, is able to speak in English, does his math and English homework fine, does not cry, can sleep fine, eats better, can concentrate better, is in a better mood, is more relaxed and friendly.

62 year-old Female: Brain Injury2023-09-29T16:00:29+00:00

A 62 year old woman suffered brain injury from a serious auto accident, resulting in inner ear damage.

Symptoms: low energy, major vertigo, dizziness, nausea, inability to process sounds, imbalance and unsteadiness.

Condition persisted for 11 years.

After a series of 10 treatments with the Acuscope, she showed significant signs of improvement.

Present condition: no more vertigo or nausea; tinnitus severely reduced. Has maintained improvements and stabilized with renewed vitality in general. After the 10th treatment, she reported that she was able to dance with her husband in the kitchen for the first time in 11 years. Now she can listen to sounds comfortably,

She reports, “I have music back in my life.”

56 year-old Male: Diabetic Ulcer2023-09-29T16:00:34+00:00

Presented with a sizable diabetic foot ulcer and painful infection on his leg that had persisted with no relief from other options.

After three months of treatment, the ulcer portion is now a small, hardened scab nearly at the end of its process.

He has suffered for a long time with staph on his leg – at this time the infection on the leg is gone, except a pinky-nail size lesion.

He really likes the way the treatments make his legs and feet feel. He says he can tell that the circulation is much better.

62 year-old Male Veteran: Various Pain Syndromes2023-09-29T16:00:39+00:00

“I’m a 62 yr old male. I have had two surgeries on my left shoulder, one upon my right shoulder. Additionally, I was bitten by a rattlesnake 17 years ago and have had 3 bone grafts to treat that issue. In November 2011, I had an opportunity to have this treatment for my ailments. As reluctant as I was, just because I’m a cynic and a pessimist, I decided to give the treatments a chance. As a result, I must say that my personal worries about further shoulder surgery has, at this point, proved to be unnecessary—the constant throbbing and pain has gone away. Also, I have found now that I can now painlessly shift my 1978 Dodge Ram Charger. My rattlesnake-bit foot situation has settled down. All I can say is that there is something to the treatment that seems to have genuinely helped me. I’m just enough of a skeptic to say that I had my initial doubts… BUT I DO THINK THERE IS SOMETHING TO BE GAINED FROM THIS TREATMENT, if you will just take patience and let it flow! ” RVN Veteran, DaNang, 1971-72

50 year-old Female: Doctors say there is no cure2023-09-29T16:00:45+00:00

Has a disorder causing hardening of the skin, affecting her calves and tops of the feet to her toes.

Her legs were red and blotchy and even had some open sore eruptions on the calf.  She could not sleep through the night and even the feel of the sheet on her legs was extremely painful.

Her doctors said this condition has no cure.  She has, however, seen great improvements with our treatments!!!

After the initial series of treatments the first month, we have been treating her once weekly on a maintenance program.  We are happy to say that she is virtually pain free, the redness is completely gone and no open sores at all any more.  She sleeps well through the night.

64 year-old Female: Insomnia2023-10-18T14:45:25+00:00

Patient reports that for nearly 10 years she has struggled with getting even a remotely normal sleep each night.  Every night it takes her about an hour to fall asleep and then she gets 1-2 hours of sleep before waking up and tossing and turning the rest of the night until her alarms goes off at 5:30 am.

Two General Well-Being Sessions (including Spinal Nerve Roots) followed by  Trans-Cranial Relaxation treatments.  After the 2nd session she fell asleep sooner and slept for 4 hours straight.  Patient reports she is excited about the results so far, this if the first time she has slept longer than 1-2 hours in 10 years.

74 year-old Male: Major PTSD and Sleep Disturbances2023-10-15T13:43:46+00:00

Lifetime military career in Army Ranger special forces. POW survivor. Navy seals program developer and hand to hand combat trainer/specialist.

Major PTSD and sleep disturbances. Chronic headaches/migraines. Shoulder pain and limited ROM resulting from injuries sustained during his POW capture.

After session 2, he was able to have an undisturbed sleep period for 3 hrs. Pt states it has been years since he has been able to sleep for 3 hrs straight.

After session 3, the patient reports reduction in headache pain.

After session 7, the patient is maintaining pain relief and better sleep, even when bad weather moves in. Bad weather in the past has been a major trigger for increased pain and decreased sleep.

After session 10, the patient had not had a headache/migraine in over a month. Patient has enough decreased pain and increased range of motion in shoulders to begin the rodeo sport of team roping.

42 year-old Female: Torn Distal Infraspinatus Tendon2023-10-15T13:31:40+00:00

MRI shows tear to right distal infraspinatus tendon.

After 9 sessions the patient was able to get back to normal daily activities, gardening and work with increased range of motion and pain resolution. Some of these sessions were “mini sessions” which are short sessions, consisting of a Part 2 and Part 3 localized pain area treatment.

82 year-old Male: Neuropathy2023-09-29T16:30:37+00:00

PresentingCondition/Symptoms: poor balance (using a cane for stability); painful neuropathy in both feet; “deadness” in legs; visible stiffness in extremities and in spine; low “energy level” reported as “tiredness”.

Number of Treatments with Acuscope-Myopulse Biotechnology: 8 (over a four week period).

Objective Changes in Condition: has regained balance, walking without a cane. Has regained feeling in feet. Feet are pain-free. Much more active, vibrant; said that he “ran for the elevator,” wife reports that he has more energy in general, especially noticeable when out taking care of their property. Visibly significant increase in flexibility; standing straighter. Also has found major relief from shoulder and back pain. Sleeping well.

48 year-old Male: Multiple Sclerosis2023-10-15T14:58:09+00:00

Male Age 48 with Multiple Sclerosis.

After treatment: He has experienced much better mobility and control of his legs as well. He had incredible results after the second treatment; seems to be staying about the same for the last 4 treatments. He is very happy with the treatments.  Will report more as he continues once per week.

62 year-old Male: Spinal Cord Injury2023-10-15T14:58:32+00:00

Male Age 62 with a spinal cord injury (T12 fracture).

After treatment: He continues to feel more energy and control of his movement after his eleven sessions. He has been getting lots of involuntary muscle twitches of the legs and feet. He tells me that he feels like he almost has enough control to try taking a step without a support! He has a bit more control of his bladder as well.

Hear Their Stories

Letters from Practitioners

“My back/disc patient is responding well to the Acuscope/Myopulse treatment. He said that he was able to get out of his car today after having driven 30 minutes to see me…and not take a couple minutes to straighten up, which used to be necessary before he could slowly and painfully walk into my office from the parking lot.

His calf pain is now only intermittent, not constant. He’s definitely getting better.

Today was treatment #5, PART ONE procedure: Odontons.
I followed it with Acuscope using Y-Probe (Medium Tips) to the lower four Lumbar nerve roots; then with the Long Tips (wider spread) applied to the paraspinals and upper glutes on his side of complaint (Left).

Followed that with the Myopulse, continuing with Y-Probe – but activated some Pre-Treatment cream and then used the 0231 and slowly criss-crossed the area for about 10 minutes, going thru the frequencies up to 40
spending most time with 40 and 600 Intensity. Washed it all off, then applied After-Treatment cream (10 @ 50).

Finished up with 15 minutes of relaxation at 8 Frequency 200 Intensity to the Occiput with HeadBand.

He felt great leaving with no pain present.
Good job, Jan. What you teach works!”

-Dr. A.

“Here are a few remarkable cases.
A 23-year old girl who had a car accident came to me for shoulder and lower back pain. Since it was impossible for her to return another time, I treated both regions that day. The next day she had a lot of pain. That happens sometimes, but I tell everyone it is a good sign. Two days later, she wrote to tell me that she had no pain left!

A 46 year-old man came to see me a month after falling on his shoulder. He went to a doctor and took medication without improvement. I did three treatments and not only was the pain gone but he told me he had a lot more energy!

I also started treatment with an 8-year-old girl who has had Cerebral Palsy since birth. Since the mother has already done a lot to improve the condition of her daughter, I offered my help to continue improving her neurological and muscular condition. I did 4 treatments of systemic well-being and electro-cranial stimulation to start. Yesterday, her mother wrote to tell me that for the first time since her birth, the girl has slept normally, without moving, without spasms and she has even started to sleep a little longer in the morning! Also, when she did homework with her, the little girl was able to do a lot more and stay focused for longer, which had never happened before!

Thank you Jan!
Hugs !”

-M.B., RN, North Carolina 2019

“As a CNA who has worked in nursing homes and Home Health Care for years, I am so much happier with my new job. Giving Acuscope and Myopulse treatments is so different. After feeling sad most of the time, even though I was helping folks in their daily needs, now this work brings a definite feeling of fulfillment. I just love seeing that the people we treat are improving in health, outlook, vitality. There’s a sense that you are helping give them something to look forward to, seeing them become optimistic is just so rewarding.

I love that this technology is FDA approved. I love that it is using what is already inside your own body to rejuvenate itself. I love that it has no adverse side-effects. That it’s truly non-invasive. It feels so great to finally be providing something to people that lets me see benefits that show up in their physical and mental state.

CNAs get burnt out very quickly. This feels like you’re making a difference. This is a fresh start professionally. I have a real sense of pride in my work now.”

-A.P., CNA, Texas, 2023

“I just HAD to quickly message you in between client sessions here to tell you about an INCREDIBLE experience a client had with Acuscope therapy!!

Do you remember back in December I sought your counsel to treat an older gentleman with a previously broken neck and now Degenerative disc disease in the entire C spine and a compressed T1 disc?

His last session was at the end of December with me. We’ve only done 2 complete sessions.

After his second Part 1, 2 and 4 treatment in December he was in quite a bit of discomfort for about 4 days, he just came back in today and he’s been PAIN FREE since January 4th!!  That’s 8 weeks!!

He was taking Oxycodones 3x per day prior to treatment and hasn’t touched the bottles since.

I cried happy tears for him today. I have so much more today but I must get set up for my next session.

This news just couldn’t wait!! ”

-S.L., RMT, RCT, Alberta, Canada 2024

“I am a Medical Doctor Board Certified in OB/GYN and Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine. My practice includes a specialty in women’s health, hormone imbalance in particular, and management of age-related syndromes for both men and women. My orientation is toward preventative measures before illness sets in. Using the tools of nutrition, exercise, and bio-identical hormones I help people avoid the chronic degenerative diseases of aging.

My belief in the Acuscope is founded on the effect it had when I tried it myself. I found that it gave me a sense of well-being when combined with the things I do to keep myself healthy. I seemed to sense that it improved my circulation, as if there was more life in my body. AND IT HELPED MY CHRONIC FOOT ULCER TO HEAL.

The ear clips relaxed me and gave me refreshing naps (of great benefit in the life of a busy medical practitioner).

The patients I referred for Acuscope-Myopulse sessions had various issues:

One had thick, painful, red scars following breast reconstructive surgery, scar tissue that was painful and red, 10 years later. After several treatment sessions, the scar tissue had become more pliable, softer, and the appearance of the scar was no longer red or inflamed. Not only did the patient feel better (pain eliminated) but there was visible change: scar tissue softened and scar appearance minimized.

I’ve also overseen quite a few cases such as brain damage and a broken toe – both saw remarkable improvement in their condition. When daily activity improved, symptoms such as vertigo reduced, after suffering for 12 years with brain damage; it was very impressive. The broken toe had a black bruise and after only one treatment, was nearly yellow, swelling reduced, resulting in the patient feeling immediate relief. A series of sessions over two weeks saw nearly complete resolution. One month post – no visible or perceptible discomfort.

One particular case stands out: an 8 inch scar up the side of the ankle, 3 months post-op; swelling still significant; scar appeared raised and red. Painful. Limited Range of Motion. During the course of several treatments of Acuscope & Myopulse, scar went quickly from red, to purple to brown. The “ropiness” in the tendon and ligament was gone, the tissue once again smooth. She was able to fully rotate her foot without pain.

I have also referred patients suffering from what might be considered “low energy” which I see associated with many conditions such as fibromyalgia, hormone imbalance, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. – a series of treatments results in a significantly improved sense of energy.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Acuscope-Myopulse treatments by themselves or as a complementary procedure combined with other treatment methods.”

-R.L., MD

Letters from Patients

36 year-old Male: Multiple Car Accidents

“I just wanted you to know that I’m much better since I started using the Acuscope. Remember when you first trained me to use it on myself, I could hardly raise my arm and the headaches from the multiple car accident neck injuries were so debilitating that I couldn’t work, I could barely stand to move?

Well, I just put up a 90-foot redwood fence after a bad storm destroyed our back fence! I’m back to working – more than I want to. The headaches are mostly gone. I still have some discomfort but I’m doing things I thought I’d never do again. My wife treats me a couple times a week and she is so thankful I am doing so well. During really bad spells she would roll the Acuscope next to my side of the bed and I could fall asleep while being treated. That is rarely necessary anymore!

It’s an amazing instrument. Thanks for giving me my life back.”

29 year-old Male: Knee Injury

“I thought I’d let you know about an amazing incident. Our son-in-law tried out for the Sheriff’s Academy last Thursday. While completing the physical part of the test he had to go over a 6-foot wall. He got his right foot stuck going over and came down on his left leg. His knee popped out sideways and he thought he broke his leg. We got him to the doctor; the x-rays came back normal. They said he either strained or tore the ligament.

With the doctor’s permission, we took the Acuscope over to their house Friday night. His knee was swollen to twice the size of normal. We used the 2” X 2” plates with one (plugged into the red jack) above his knee on the inside of his leg and the other (in the blue) below his knee. We did that for 20 minutes and then moved the plates to above his knee on the outside and the other below his knee for another 20 minutes.

The reduction in swelling was nothing short of amazing. When the general swelling came down it revealed a large nasty looking lump on the outside of his knee. So, we placed one of the 2-inch plates directly on the lump (plugged into red) and one on the inside of the knee. After 20 minutes the lump was reduced by half.

Today, Sunday, he felt good enough to get up and take a shower by himself! We’re going to give him a few more treatments to help speed up and finish his recovery. He and our daughter are now believers in the Acuscope!”

“I am a patient of Dr. Debrah Zepf in Boulder, Colorado. I was treated in her practice after I tore my ACL in February of 2013. I began seeing her immediately after the injury and was given 11 session with the Electro-Acuscope and Myopulse.

When possible, sessions were back-to-back most every other day. The Acuscope improved nerve conductivity, repair damaged and weakened nerve tissue, as well as reducing inflammation caused from the injury. The Myopulse was applied and accelerated the diminishing of bruising and repair of soft tissue.

The treatments were for three weeks until my replacement surgery. These microcurrent treatments were able to reduce the pain, the swelling, and allow me to schedule the surgery early due to the positive results.

I followed up with Dr. Zepf in the weeks following surgery to again aid in the recover process as well. I found that two weeks after the surgery my swelling had significantly decreased and my surgeon was very pleased with the pre- and post-surgical results.

My Physical Therapy was able to begin earlier than anticipated as well, I believe, due to the treatments.

I would highly recommend these treatments for patients dealing with pain from injury, muscle damage, and swelling. I would use these treatments again in the future if I ever need them.”

-Lisa B.

“After a vigorous weekend of springtime pruning, Sunday night was a nightmare of pain. My carpal tunnel was back. I could have cried. I have had this before, and the usual solution is to stretch my wrists and start taking Aleve, which I hate. If I get to it quick enough I can usually work out the problem myself but it takes 2 or three months to completely stop hurting. This happens often enough (I have broken both wrists) and the left is worse than the right. The next day, I ran into a friend of mine and was rubbing my wrists while we talked. She asked what was up and I told her what I was going through. She suggested I go to a local clinic for an Acuscope and Myopulse treatment, something that helped her get rid of severe back pain. I did just that. I had a 20-minute treatment on each wrist. That night the pain was dramatically reduced. I was completely stunned. The next day I went back for another treatment on each wrist. By that night there was another major reduction. After a week of 5 treatments, the pain in my right wrist is completely gone, while the left wrist is about 90% better. I am a believer.”

-S.B., Castle Rock, CO

55 year-old Female: Plantar Fasciitis Foot Neuropathy

“Roughly twenty-five years ago I began experiencing general discomfort in my feet including pain, swelling, and a burning sensation. This has continued to varying degrees, seasonally, and flares up especially with certain running activities. I began Acuscope/Myopulse treatment this past December 2018, with great emphasis on my legs and feet. I started with three visits a week and then two per week. Swelling went down, redness went away, and after four weeks, greater flexibility in my walking was evident. I think this treatment has significantly helped my body to finally heal itself. As of April 2019 (four months later), my discomfort is considerably reduced, and I am committed to periodic treatments to maintain my normal ability to walk and remain active. I enjoy having systemic treatments for my whole body and brain. While I did not have any specific issues to address, the treatments seem to bring a renewed energy to my day-to-day activities. I appreciate the feeling of vitality, and always look forward to those recharging treatments! Thank you.”

66 year-old Male: Ankle injury and Multiple Surgeries

“I embarked on a series of Acuscope and Myopulse treatments for severe osteoarthritis of my right ankle. My condition had developed over time after an initial injury in about 1972 and two surgeries – first to remove a bone spur (which resulted in cartilage being removed as well), and then an arthroscopic procedure much later in time. The inflammation has been severe and by the time of the second surgery, I was limping constantly. Over the years, I have tried many different therapies including acupuncture, cold laser, neuromuscular and muscle activation work, TENS and massage. Everything helped somewhat, but the effects were temporary, pain and inflammation remained.

Now it is 2015. After 17 Acuscope and Myopulse treatments spaced closely, I can report that my inflammation is gone and it has not returned since we finished up approximately 2 months ago. My ankle feels stronger and most importantly, I am not taking Percocet daily anymore and still maintain mobility. I am also taking dance classes – two or more times a week and doing well, even with back-to-back classes, and generally doing all of my workout routine which includes boxing drills and weightlifting. My initial skepticism – trying to ameliorate a 40-year-old plus injury, has evaporated. I feel so much better.”

“I came into the Wellness Center with 2 herniated discs and bursitis in one hip. My friend had recommended I try the acuscope and myopulse because it was better than the invasive cortisone shots I was getting EVERY THREE MONTHS for my disc. I hadn’t heard of the acuscope before but she said it was FDA registered. Honestly, I didn’t think it would help.

After 12 sessions with this incredible technology, I have no back pain whatsoever and my hip pain is completely gone. I even got to stop the cortizone injections…I asked my doctor and she agreed I don’t need them! I completed all 12 sessions and was amazed! I am a very active person; I ski the bumps and now can continue playing in tennis leagues without worry or pain.

As if that wasn’t enough, the treatments were way more relaxing than I was expecting and gave me back some energy I hadn’t even realized I’d lost.

I would suggest these sessions to ANYONE who is hurting (do the entire series of treatments but don’t expect instant gratification.)

I was patient and it was well worth it!”

-M.Z., Highlands Ranch, CO

“As anyone who suffers with migraines knows, you will do just about anything to ease the suffering brought on by these episodes.

I am no exception. When I heard about the Acuscope, I learned that it was non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical and painless. I was ready and willing to try it.

I will admit, being a nurse trained in traditional western medicine, I wondered if it could work for my hormonally-triggered migraines, but I figured I had nothing to lose. After two treatments, that were so relaxing, I must say, NO migraine on the horizon. After four treatments, same story… NO migraine.

I continued, for good measure, with a total of eight treatments and have yet to suffer from a migraine since the initial Acuscope treatment. I could not be more thrilled with this discovery. Over the past five years, I have tried many pharmaceutical therapies that have only temporarily treated my symptoms. This has evidently halted the cause of the migraines. It is an answer to prayer and I am so thankful!”

-H.L., Raleigh, NC

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