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"As anyone who suffers with migraines knows, you willdo just about anything to ease the suffering brought on by these episodes. I amno exception. When I heard about the Acuscope, I learned that it wasnon-invasive, non-pharmaceutical and painless. I was ready and willing to tryit. I will admit, being a nurse trained in traditional western medicine, Iwondered if it could work for my hormonally triggered migraines, but I figuredI had nothing to lose. After two treatments, that were so relaxing I must say,NO migraine on the horizon. After four treatments, same story... NO migraine. Icontinued, for good measure, with a total of eight treatments and have yet tosuffer from a migraine since the initial Acuscope treatment. I could not bemore thrilled with this discovery. Over the past five years, I have tried manypharmaceutical therapies that have only temporarily treated my symptoms. Thishas evidently halted the cause of the migraines. It is an answer to prayer andI am so thankful." 

- HL, Raleigh, NC

Treatment provided by Health and Restoration Centers of North Carolina

Read articles online & in local publications about this
popular Acuscope-Myopulse practice in No. Caroliina:


8356 Six Forks Road, Suite 203

Raleigh, NC 27615

Telephone: (919) 480-7703


CASE REPORT - Patient is Female, 50 years old

Has a disorder causing hardening of the skin, affecting her calves and tops of the feet to her toes.

Her doctors said this condition has no cure.  She has, however, seen great improvements with our treatments!!!

Her legs were red and blotchy and even had some open sore eruptions on the calf.  She could not sleep through the night and even the feel of the sheet on her legs was extremely painful.

After the initial series of treatments the first month, we have been treating her once weekly on a maintenance program.  We are happy to say that she is virtually pain free, the redness is completely gone and no open sores at all any more.  She sleeps well through the night.

Thanks to the Acuscope and Myopulse, and your training, Jan!


There are so many remarkable cases, I hardly know whichpatients to tell you about: 

A 20-year old woman presented with a sprained ankle that was hugeand so mangled.  The first visit we tookthe swelling down.  It was completelymended in 4 weeks. 

A nine-year old boy who was diagnosed ADHD.  His Doctor took him off his medication in 4 weeks withuse of the Acuscope Head Band treatment.

A 72-year old female was scheduled for a hip replacement.  She came with so much pain that she was intears; she couldn’t walk and had to be carried in.  Acuscope/Myopulse treatment took the swelling down immediately and she was able tostand.  She came every day for aweek.  At that point, she was able to sit for hours and get up easily, walk her dog; she startedgardening.  It’s 8 years later and she’sstill okay.

A 17-year old basketball player had broken his ankle.  After surgery, with daily Acuscope and Myopulse treatments for four weeks, he was back on thecourt, jumping and playing.”

Health Currents, Ogden, Utah - Bio-Technician, Karen Metzler  



A Few Random Case Reports:

Patient:  Female  Age 62  Brain Injury
From a serious auto accident, a 62 year old woman suffered braininjury resulting in inner ear damage.  Symptoms:  low energy, major vertigo, dizziness, nausea,inability to process sounds, imbalance and unsteadiness.  Condition persisted for 11 years.  After a series of 10 treatments with theAcuscope, she showed significant signs ofimprovement.  Present condition:  nomore vertigo or nausea; tinnitus severely reduced.  Has maintained improvements and stabilizedwith renewed vitality in general.  After the10th treatment, she reported that she was able to dance with herhusband in the kitchen for the first time in 11 years.  Now she can listen to sounds comfortably, “hasmusic back in her life.”

Patient:  Male  Age 56  Diabetic Ulcer
Presented with a sizable diabetic foot ulcer and painful infection on his legthat had persisted for quite awhile with no relief from other options.  Afterthree months of treatment, the ulcer portion is now a small,hardened scab nearly at the end of its process.  He has suffered for a long time withstaph on his leg – at this time, the infection on the leg is gone, except apinky-nail size lesion. 
He really likes the way the treatments make hislegs and feet feel.  He says he can tellthat the circulation is much better.

Patient:  Male Veteran Age 62  Various Pain Syndromes
"I’m a 62 yr old male. I have had two surgeries on my left shoulder, one upon my right shoulder. Additionally, I was bitten by a rattlesnake 17 years ago and have had 3 bone grafts to treat that issue.  In November 2011, I had an opportunity to have this treatment for my ailments. As reluctant as I was, just because I’m a cynic and a pessimist, I decided to give the treatments a chance.  As a result, I must say that my personal worries about further shoulder surgery has, at this point, proved to be unnecessary—-for the constant throbbing and pain has gone away. Also, I have found now that I can now pain-free shift my 1978 Dodge Ramcharger without wincing with pain through every shift. My rattlesnake-bit foot situation has settled down.  All I can say is that there is something to the treatment that seems to have genuinely helped me.  I’m just enough of a skeptic to say, that I had my initial doubts… BUT I DO THINK THERE IS SOMETHING TO BE GAINED FROM THIS TREATMENT, if you will just take patience and let it flow! "    RVN Veteran, DaNang, 1971-72



JIM GABRIEL LMT, NMT, SET, brings thirty years of clinical and rehabilitative massage experience to the center. His specialties include Neuromuscular and Structural Energetic Therapy. In conjunction with these techniques, he utilizes computer assisted microcurrent to relieve pain, improve athletic performance and facilitate recovery from all manner of musculoskeletal injuries, scoliosis, stenosis, sleep disorders, fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraine headaches and to recondition scar tissue.

For more information, please visit      His practice is in Sarasota, Florida.  

2886 Ringling Boulevard, Gold Tree Plaza, Sarasota, FL 34237
(941) 954-0300 

Saturday 9:30AM - 3:30PM 
Monday - Friday 10AM - 6PM

                                                                                   Here is a link to the testimonials on his website:

Here is his description of Acuscope Technology:

Computer Assisted Microcurrent Therapy

Originally developed by NASA scientists, Acuscope/Myopulse (EAMP) technology employs low amperage electrotherapy (microamperage) to create semi-cybernetic electrical stimulation. Each unit is guided by biofeedback mechanisms that measure physical response and conductivity in the body, determining, on a moment by moment basis, the corrective wave pattern suited to penetrate tissue and stimulate therapeutic results.

These units are designed to help people with pain, inflammation, stress, sleep disorders, fibromyalgia, scar tissue, arthritis, shingles, TMJ dysfunction, torn ligaments, broken bones and other disorders. 

The Acuscope resonates on a cellular level with nerve tissue. The Myopulse resonates a cellular level with muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bursa, discs, etc.

“Microcurrent Therapy is the wave of the future.”
John Barnes, P.T, Nationally known MFR Instructor


Visit her website:

Holistic Herbal Health: 15530 E Bronco’s Parkway, Suite 320, Centennial, COLORADO  80112

Phone: 303-2492-7742


I am a patient of Dr. Debrah Zepf in Boulder, Colorado.  I was treated in her practice after I tore my ACL in February of 2013.  I began seeing her immediately after the injury and was given 11 session with the Electro-Acuscope and Myopulse.

When possible, sessions were back-to-back most every other day.  The Acuscope improved nerve conductivity, repair damaged and weakened nerve tissue, as well as reducing inflammation caused from the injury.  The Myopulse was applied and accelerated the diminishing of bruising and repair of soft tissue.

The treatments were for three weeks until my replacement surgery.  These microcurrent treatments were able to reduce the pain, the swelling, and allow me to schedule the surgery early due to the positive results. 

I followed up with Dr. Zepf in the weeks following surgery to again aid in the recover process as well.  I found that two weeks after the surgery my swelling had significantly decreased and my surgeon was very pleased with the pre- and post-surgical results. 

My Physical Therapy was able to begin earlier than anticipated as well, I believe, due to the treatments.  

I would highly recommend these treatments for patients dealing with pain from injury, muscle damage, and swelling.  I would use these treatments again in the future if I ever need them.

Lisa B. 

Watch these GREAT videos by Dr. Debrah Zepf of Holistic Herbal Health, near Denver, Colorado:


"I had the beginnings of Parkinson's with trembling of hands; I used the Neuroscope and after a couple of months of using it daily, the trembling of my hands stopped.  In addition, I originally got the Neuroscope because I could not sleep without taking sleeping medication.  I am now able to sleep, got rid of my severe headaches, and am free of medications.  I am very thankful for the Neuroscope." - Hugo Q., July 5th 2006

"Not wanting the harmful effects of drugs, I needed something to help with my anxiety and sleep disorder problems.  After I hook up the earclips and turn the machine on, even though my mind had been racing beforehand, I'm usually falling asleep within 15 minutes due to the Neuroscope machine taking the brain waves down from a Beta state to a 'most relaxed' Alpha-Theta state." - Jennifer C., May 10th 2006

"I am able to sleep without the aid of medication and have experienced an improvement in my mood swings.  I think every home in America should have a Neuroscope!" - Thelma C., August 21st 2005

The above three testimonials are by patients of Susy Quan, a highly gifted practitioner, at 
in Beaverton, Oregon

Wanted to share withyou my latest experience treating someone with the Neuroscope. 
Last week I justfinished treating a 9 year old who had severe ADD, anxiety, trouble sleeping,anger issues, crying constantly, not wanting to even speak English (spoke onlyin Spanish and not much at all), not willing to cut his own food, no appetite, hadsporadic trembling of the hands, was not able to understand simpleinstructions, had trouble communicating with his parents and at school. 

The boy received 14 treatments, one per day for 14 days, with the Neuroscope. After the first few, the boy started focusing his eyes on me when hespoke; and as he got to receiving the full 14 treatments his parents and Inoticed that: he is now able to understand instructions, does his homeworkfine, does not get angry, does not tremble any more, is able to speak inEnglish, does his math and English homework fine, does not cry, can sleep fine,eats better, can concentrate better, is in a better mood, is more relaxed andfriendly. After the treatments I noticed from his comments how smart he really is. 




1.  Male Age 62 with aspinal cord injury (T12 fracture). He continues to feel more energy and controlof his movement after his eleven sessions. He has been getting lots of involuntarymuscle twitches of the legs and feet. He tells me that he feels like he almosthas enough control to try taking a step without a support! He has a bit morecontrol of his bladder as well.

2.  Male Age 48 with MultipleSclerosis.  He has experienced much bettermobility and control of his legs as well. He had incredible results after thesecond treatment; seems to be staying about the same for the last 4 treatments.He is very happy and will continue coming once per week for now.

3.I have also had greatresults with treating several patients with arthritis in general. Sixtreatments and no more pain; then maintenance every 2 or 3 weeks.

 Murray Michalicka, RMT 
Armata Health Centre   
126 Wellington St. West  Unit 201B
Aurora, Ontario L4G 2N9  Canada


Gary O'Neill in the UK tells us that folks coming to his office are telling him they sleep better and have more energy from the treatments he is giving them.  

His most memorable cases so far are several sports injuries that the athletic community find surprisingly quickly resolved.  

Map of the places this user has lived


Pain & Injury Recovery Center - Salt Lake City Utah, USA


·        Age:  82

·        PresentingCondition/Symptoms:  
poor balance (usinga cane for stability); painful neuropathy in both feet; “deadness” in legs; visiblestiffness in extremities and in Spine; low “energy level” reported as“tiredness.”

·        Number ofTreatments with Acuscope-Myopulse Biotechnology: 
8 (over a four week period)

·        ObjectiveChanges in Condition: 
has regained balance,walking without a cane.  Has regainedfeeling in feet.  Feet are painfree.  Much more active, vibrant; saidthat he “ran for the elevator;” wife reports that he has more energy ingeneral, especially noticeable when out taking care of their property.   Visibly significant increase in flexibility;standing straighter.  Also has foundmajor relief from shoulder and back pain. Sleeping well.


"Thanks for giving me my life back"

Hi Jan:
The site is great, a lot of history here.  I just wanted you to know that I'm much better since I started using the Acuscope.  Remember when you first trained me to use it on myself, I could hardly raise my arm and the headaches from the multiple car accident neck injuries were so debilitating that I couldn't work, I could barely stand to move?

Well, I just put up a 90-foot redwood fence after a bad storm destroyed our back fence!  I'm back to working - more than I want to.  The headaches are mostly gone.  I still have some discomfort but I'm doing things I thought I'd never do again.  Vickie treats me a couple times a week and during really bad spells she'll roll the Acuscope next to my side of the bed and I go to sleep while being treated.  So relaxing.  It's an amazing instrument.  Thanks for giving me my life back.

I thought I'd let you know about another remarkable incident.  Our son-in-law tried out for the Sheriff's Academy.  While completing the physical part of the test he had to go over a 6-foot wall.  He got his right foot stuck and came down on his left leg.  His knee popped out sideways and he thought he broke his leg. We got him to the doctor, the x-rays came back normal.  They said he either strained or tore the ligament.  With the doctor's permission, we took the Acuscope over to their house.  His knee was swollen to twice the size of normal.  We used the two inch plates with one above his knee on the inside of his leg and the other below his knee on the outside.  We did that for 30 minutes and then reversed the plates to the opposite position for another 30 minutes.  

The  reduction of swelling was nothing short of amazing.  When the general swelling came down it revealed a large, nasty looking lump on the outside of his knee.  We place one of the plates directly on the lump and the other below the knee.  After 30 minutes, the lump was reduced by half.  The next morning he felt good enough to get up and take a shower.  He and our daughter are now believers in the Acuscope.

Kevin B.


CASE REPORTS BY A MEDICAL DOCTOR (prefers to remain anonymous)

Feb 21, 2014

I am a Medical Doctor Board Certified in OB/GYN and Board Certified in Anti-AgingMedicine. My practice includes a specialtyin women’s health, hormone imbalance in particular, and management ofage-related syndromes for both men and women. My orientation is toward preventative measures before illness sets in.  Using the tools of nutrition, exercise, and bio-identical hormones I help people avoid the chronic degenerative diseases of aging.

My belief in the Acuscope is founded on the effect it hadwhen I tried it myself.  I found that itgave me a sense of well-being when combined with the things I do to keep myselfhealthy.  I seemed to sense that it improvedmy circulation, as if there was more life in my body.  AND IT HELPED MY CHRONIC FOOT ULCER TO HEAL.

The ear clips relaxed me and gave me refreshing naps (of great benefit in the life of a busy medicalpractitioner).

The patients I referred for Acuscope-Myopulse sessions had various issues.  One had thick, painful, red scars following breast reconstructive surgery, scar tissue that was painful and red, 10years later.  After several treatmentsessions, the scar tissue had become more pliable, softer, and the appearanceof the scar was no longer red or inflamed. Not only did the patient feel better(pain eliminated) but visible change, scar tissue softened and scar appearanceminimized. 

I’ve overseen quite a few cases such as brain damage, anda broken toe – both saw remarkable improvement in their condition.  When daily activity improved, symptoms suchas vertigo reduced, after suffering for 12 years with brain damage; it was veryimpressive.  The broken toe had a blackbruise and after only one treatment, was nearly yellow, swelling reduced, resultingin patient feeling immediate relief.  A series of sessions over two weeks saw nearly complete resolution.  One month post - no visible or perceptible discomfort.  

One particular case stands out:   an 8 inch scar up the side of the ankle, 3months post-op; swelling still significant; scar appeared raised and red.  Painful. Limited Range of Motion.  Duringthe course of several treatments of Acuscope & Myopulse, scar went quicklyfrom red, to purple to brown.  The“ropiness” in the tendon and ligament was gone, the tissue once again smooth. She was able to fully rotateher foot without pain.

I have also referred patients suffering from what might beconsidered “low energy” which I see associated with many conditions such asfibromyalgia, hormone imbalance, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. – a series oftreatments results in a significantly improved sense of energy.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Acuscope-Myopulsetreatments by themselves or as a complementary procedure combined with othertreatment methods.

If you are an MD and would like to share your interesting results, please send by email to:   feel free to call and I will type by dictation.  We thank you for sharing]