Patient Information

Because the Acuscope and Myopulse are unique modalities, patients are often curious to know more about them before and during their treatments.  Many patients try to explain their treatments to family, friends, co-workers and are not sure how to explain what these treatments are doing and how the equipment is helping them.

Click on the links below to find samples of handouts that you may wish to provide.  Feel free to request any of these as a word document that you may personalize with your own contact information.  

Feel free to use all or part of the wording of these documents if you wish to modify the contents.

Ground Rules for Treatment of Patients Taking Medications

If you would like a printable document of any of these Patient Information Handouts/Flyers sent to you,  modified with your own contact information, please send an email request to:

In order to help your patients learn how to lead a naturally healthy lifestyle, upon your recommendation, you may suggest that they visit and learn all they can from

Here are the 7 Essential Health Habits they will learn all about when visiting this informative educational website:
1.  Breathing
2.  Hydration
3.  Nutrition
4.  Exercise the Body
5.  Exercise the Mind
6.  Rest-Relax-Recharge
7.  Self-Talk

CLICK HERE for a Handout you can use right now, entitled, "The Seven Major Causes of Memory Problems"