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 Acuscope and Myopulse Q & A 

What is Microcurrent and Why Does it Help?
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Why Does Microcurrent Cause Accelerated Tissue Repair?
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What is most unique about Acuscope-Myopulse Microcurrent Biotechnology? 
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  • The Acuscope and Myopulse are not 'blind output only" like all other microcurrent (and milli-amperage current) electrical stimulation devices.  In contrast, these particular I/O devices perform an intelligent interaction with living tissue, utilizing computer micro-chip circuitry to acquire Input, analyze, and deliver modified Output as required, which changes over time.
  • Biofeedback regulated microcurrent is responsive to the precise condition of cells comprising the tissue placed between any two electrodes at any given time.  Using impedance monitoring, the degree of resistance is evaluated and revealed to the Operator on a digital (numerical) display and by auditory (sound) feedback.
  • During stimulation, biologically compatible AC (Alternating Current) micro-amperage level currents are conducted into the tissue. (Micro-Amperage is the actual measurement of the force of electrical currents generated by and moving through living tissue.)

  • Especially in tissue impaired by damage from injury and overuse syndromes, the effect of microcurrent (amperage below 1 milliAmp) is the improvement of cellular metabolism, resulting in the enhancement of the body's natural self-repair mechanisms.  (Research available in Section entitled Research & Studies

  • The most often-quoted reference to the beneficial effects of micro-amperage stimulation is a study by Cheng, et al.  Click here to open a PDF of the original published document:
  • Click Here to read a brief explanation of the significance of increased ATP Generation.  

  • It is apparent by the readouts that microcurrent level stimulation passing through the tissue improves electrical conductivity.  Because of the accuracy and precision of the read/treat functions of Acuscope and Myopulse, pain reduction, decreased inflammation, and improved range of motion consistently result when conductivity improves.
  • In delivering CES (Cranial Electrical Stimulation), the Acuscope can be trusted to reconfigure brainwaves (speed of transmission, shape of waveform, frequency of wave repetition, amplitude, etc.) using gentle, individually configured micro-amperage currents, causing a safe, non-invasive relaxation response. (Verifiable by EEG.) You can trust your brain to be treated with the gentle, biologically compatible microcurrents of the Acuscope.
  • Using the Myopulse, you can feel the difference in your muscles after a treatment session; while having been completely comfortable during the procedure.  The cumulative effect over a series of treatments results in reduction and elimination of painful and limiting conditions, a return of strength and range of motion.  

  • After accident injury, speedier tissue repair results, and a swift return to normal is insured.  Especially by those who have regular maintenance Acuscope-Myopulse treatment sessions following a "complete overhaul" to begin with. 

What results can be expected?

  • In areas of acute tissue damage/trauma, the pain, swelling, heat and inflammation is reduced, frequently observable during treatment.  Because the influence of the Acuscope helps to further increase cellular metabolic activity, the speed of natural tissue self-repair is accelerated. "Speedier recovery" than would otherwise be expected is frequently reported (post-injury and post-op). 

  • When tissue condition is chronic, cellular electrical activity is minimal, the injured cells having become "discharged" and depleted over time.   Treatment with this bio-technology gives a “boost” to deficient cells.  They are literally given a "jump start" like charging up low batteries; until they can once again "hold a charge."  

  • A series of treatments will result in improved overall cellular capacitance (the capacity of cells to achieve and maintain a full charge). This result is conspicuously evident by the readouts pre- and post-stimulation.   Bio-feedback from the Acuscope is displayed in digital readouts (numbers) and auditory (sound) feedback, indicating that positive changes are occurring; and results can be tracked for record-keeping purposes.  When nerve cells are restored to a normal level of energy production and metabolism, tissue conductivity is improved.  Patients consistently report a subjective difference that corresponds to positive changes in the readouts.

  • Much promise has been shown in the application of this unique biotechnology in cases of brain and spinal injury, stroke, paralysis, PTSD, and other severe nerve impairment conditions; as well as in serious generalized connective tissue conditions.  Sustained and persistent treatment is required for significant, long-term results; but it is well worth the effort, as many grateful individuals and their families will confirm.  (References available upon request.)  See Case Reports and Testimonials .

Is this equipment only used for injuries? 

No. It can also provide: 
  • generalized well-being to the Nervous System 
  • and it will promote healthier circulation throughout the body. 
  • Cranial Electrical Stimulation (CES) can produce a calm state of mind, relaxed nerves, better sleep.   
  • Plus, specifically in areas of tight or weak muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fasciitis, it can improve elasticity, strength, and range of motion, reducing knots and bands of tightness as well as inflammation. 
  • Both athletic performance and mental faculties improve from a series of treatments. 
  • For those individuals who feel the effects of stress and aging, it can produce rejuvenation that surprises and pleases everyone.  
  • Mental and physical benefits can also include a clearer mind, and a stronger memory.  
  • The results of applying all FOUR PARTS of a Complete Treatment over a period of time have great promise for serious neuro-muscular conditions so much more commonly seen and diagnosed today.  (For information regarding the Complete Treatment Program, CLICK HERE.)    

Why are there are two separate pieces of equipment in the System?

The Acuscope improves nerve conductivity throughout the brain and body.
The Myopulse improves the condition of cells comprising connective tissue. 
Combined, the System produces neuromuscular regeneration, reeducation.

The Acuscope “reads” nerve conductivity using nerve conduction/impedance monitoring biofeedback technology. Nerve signals are conveyed along the "wiring" of  living tissue on carrier waves that move in squarewave formation. The output of the Acuscope is an “infinitely variable” squarewave envelope and is precisely configured by a unique 3 computer-chip relay.  The first microchip is programmed to acquire biofeedback (as does an NCV); the second chip runs a comparative analysis determining abnormalities in various properties of the signal; the third chip is programmed to cause the instrument to deliver a corrective influence into the tissue.  It is the only biotechnology today that utilizes biofeedback to calculate and generate output based on input from living tissue, moment to moment.  In other words, the Acuscope delivers precisely configured carrier waves, delivering a message that will return nerve signals to normal.  Utilizing microcurrents in squarewaves at appropriate frequencies influences nerve cells, "speaking to them in their own language” until they are fully recharged and healthy patterns are reestablished. Nerve cells apparently reawaken and regenerate as evidenced by the readouts. Nerve signals begin to transmit more freely from neuron to neuron.  Neurotransmitters carry and deliver the charge as bioelectricity relays from cell to cell throughout the brain and body. Acuscope therapy has profound impact specifically on the nerve endings of injured locations, on the metabolic activities involved in cellular metabolism, hastening tissue self-repair, and reducing inflammation.  As it restores circulation of neurons in brain tissue and restores brainwaves to even, regular patterns, the person feels more relaxed and mentally "clear."  It improves of the propulsion of microcurrents moving throughout the nerve tissue comprising the Central and Peripheral Nervous System

The Myopulse "reads" the condition of an area by monitoring electrical fields generated by cells which, combined together, firing simultaneously, comprise the various types of connective tissue (muscle, tendon,ligament, and fascia).  It picks up feedback in a fashion similar to an EMG (however at the micro-amperage level).  The Myopulse produces microcurrent output that is also “infinitely variable”; however, it delivers pulsing sine waves (sinusoidal or sloping wave formations) which are compatible with the bio-electricity of contractile tissue. Where spasms, knots, trigger points, tightness and muscle tension result from a prolonged state of excitation, treatment will reduce the abnormal over-firing of the cells. In states of chronic low energy (where tissue is weak, underutilized, therefore depleted, even atrophied and/or scar tissue) over a series of treatments, issues resolve as electrical potentials are restored to normal levels. When cellular metabolism improves in muscle tissue, it is because the cells once again become electrically active but not excessive, resulting in renewed strength, elasticity and range of motion. Accumulated waste products (such as lactic acid) are flushed away by metabolic activity as the current pulses in waves washing across the electrical fields generated by hundreds of thousands of similar cells; bio-available nutrients (such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium) are drawn in thru more permeable membranes when re-polarization occurs.  Protein synthesis results.

Why is this particular equipment considered the premier microcurrent system

Summary Review:  the Acuscope was the first microcurrent modality when it was introduced in 1978. It is the only impedance-monitoring biofeedback-regulated micro-amperage therapeutic technology available today. As stated previously, the Acuscope and Myopulse can deliver precision waveforms (appropriate current formation) based on bio-feedback from the tissue being assessed and treated. No other device on the market derives feedback (input) from the micro-electricity of the human body’s nerves and muscles; no other equipment is programmed to calculate corrective (output) signals that restore cellular capacitance.  All other electrical stimulation devices are blind output only. None give the Operator feedback upon which to formulate a treatment plan and/or to objectively track Patient progress. 

For further details regarding each model Acuscope & Myopulse, see Instruments section.

For a sample handout brochure, explaining the technology, click here.

How does the Acuscope give the operator feedback? 

While placing probes on the body, the Operator observes a digital display (LED numbers) and hears the corresponding audio tones.  This feedback reveals whether a particular area of tissue is acute (hot, inflamed, abnormally electrically active) because damaged cells are excitedly attempting to self-repair. The readout can also indicate where the tissue is electrically drained (has become blocked, highly resistant, has cells that have discharged to a point of depletion). The bio-feedback (higher and lower numbers and sounds) is fascinating, especially as it changes during the course of treatment, indicating improved cellular capacitance and conductivity.

Operator competence is a key factor in achieving successful results with this technology.  Training in understanding concepts and practical applications (protocols) is critical.  See Training section for options available for both new and experienced practitioners.  

How many treatments are required to achieve lasting results?

A well-trained bio-technician will observe the feedback to monitor progress and determine an efficient course of therapy. Pain relief is usually immediate to some degree; however, a series of treatments is usually necessary to produce long lasting and/or permanent self-repair. When a "healing crisis" is the only way to "kick-start" the tissue back into active repair mode, discomfort may follow the first one to three treatments; however, this reaction will subside.  The effects are cumulative as the body absorbs the benefits of each successive treatment. Generally 3 to 11 treatments are required for full resolution of most common neuromuscular pain complaints. 

Can I have a more technical explanation? 

When injury to living tissue occurs, pain receptors and nerve endings dispurse chemicals (such as histamine).  Congestion occurs and eventually resistance increases. When gentle microcurrent is applied by the Acuscope, normal nerve conductivity returns, overcoming tissue resistance.  ATP production is improved and other changes take place at a cellular level.  The uptake of micro-nutrients improves and the discharge of cellular metabolic wastes and toxins is enhanced, resulting in the reduction of pain and the eventual return to a healthy state. 

Generally/systemically throughout the Nervous System; plus, specifically in sites of injury and areas of damage and disruption, Acuscope treatment causes nerve cells to regain full capacitance. Only bio-feedback-driven Acuscope can deliver this result quickly and accurately. Common TENS, while acting as a temporary pain-blocking analgesic, diminishes tissue repair by reducing ATP Production and inhibiting other mechanisms of cellular metabolism. 

Erratic waveform patterns are generated where connective tissue is injured. This is evident in EMG readouts.  By restoring normal electrical potentials to the cells, the Myopulse returns the electrical fields generated by groups of contractile cells to harmonic resonance.  As a result of this subtle change in the micro-electric condition of the cells, once again "firing" normally, spasms, knots, trigger points, tightness and tension dissipate. Flaccid, atrophied, fibrotic tissue, even scar tissue cells can also be reawakened and reactivated. Over a series of treatments, chronic and acute issues can resolve completely as damaged tissue speedily self-repairs.  Normal function then returns.

[See additional scientific documentation of these biological findings in Research and Background section.]  

What is the benefit of using the Ear Clips or the Head Band? 

Pain management and stress-relief go hand-in-hand. The Acuscope is sometimes used briefly at the beginning, and longer at the end of a treatment session, for a period of complete relaxation. Its influence applied trans-cranially gently causes the brainwaves to synchronize (conform) to an even, steady Alpha waveform frequency pattern (8 or 10 Hz). The patient may fall asleep or simply become very calm and at ease, experiencing the feeling of deep relaxation. A series of treatments can recondition the Nervous System to attain and sustain this regenerative state of mind and body. Highly beneficial for sports performance and endurance, post-traumatic stress, injury repair and post-operative recovery.  

For a closer look at the Ear Clips and Head Band accessories and how they are applied, see Treatment Procedures section.

If the Acuscope "knows what to do" why is Probe Placement so Important?

Whether you understand it or not, the Acuscope is programmed to "know what to do" when it communicates with the cells.   

The responsibility of an Operator, a Bio-technician, (a "Bio-electrician"), is to place the probes in appropriate positions that allow the bio-technology to most effectively communicate with the biology.

The nature of polarized electricity is that it flows away from the + (plus) positive charge; and towards the - (minus) negative charge. The Acuscope and Myopulse probes and electrodes will reverse polarity every two seconds.  Thus, when the polarity of the probes is reversed at the electrode contact sites, the current flows first in one direction, then in the opposite direction. While the Active electrode has negative polarity, biofeedback is being acquired (picked up) by the instrument; when the Active electrode has positive polarity, the micro-amperage force is delivering the push of the microcurrent out from the instrument, into the tissue.  It travels in both directions along the path of least resistance between the two probes.

When the Acuscope is in readout mode, the degree of resistance to a gentle push of about 3 or 4 µA's is being measured, and a digital readout appears on the display.  This gives the Acuscope an opportunity to measure tissue resistance consistently and reveal the results to the Operator (and Patient).  

Once treatment is initiated, for example, after one 12-second stimulation at 0.5 Hz, (Intensity at anywhere from 25 µA's to 600 µA's), the degree of resistance will have changed. It will have been reduced (improved conductivity) from the influence of the push-pull of the polarity reversing microcurrent during the 12 seconds. 
  • Cellular activity is thereby reawakened in depleted and dormant cells; 
  • inflamed tissue cells can intensify their productivity, tending more quickly toward normalization.
  • After 12 seconds, when the Acuscope returns automatically to readout mode, the improvement is displayed in higher numbers and corresponding clearer tones.

Once again, it is important to understand that the Acuscope is programmed to assess and evaluate the degree of  resistance in the tissue; in other words monitor the impedance value. It is taking measurements of other factors as well:  wave formation, amplitude, the current overshoot, etc. The Acuscope produces square waves that are considered "infinitely variable" because it constantly adjusts to correct irregularities and abnormalities in the various aspects being monitored.  

In order to facilitate successful treatment, one must understand that the programming of the Acuscope is according to the way our body's bio-electricity functions naturally.  Probe positioning is an important factor. The two-second treatment phase moves the micro-amperage current into the tissue; this occurs at the site of the Active electrode which should be placed closer to the brain while the Reference electrode should be located further towards fingers or toes. During the two-second phase when the microccurent carrier waves are picking up bio-feedback from the tissue, the Active electrode is the pick-up site.  

Again, during treatment the two-second acquisition phase is when the reading occurs. The microcurrent carrier wave is picked up from the tissue at the Active electrode contact site ... just as it moves into the tissue at this location to deliver the "corrective influence" sending the signal down through the body, just as the brain does.  Being aware of this factor at all times, the Operator will place and replace the Active and Reference electrodes appropriately in contact with the body in order to allow the instrument to properly perform the functions it is programmed to perform. 

When addressing the Spine, the Active probe tip should be touching the nerve root between the vertebrae; the reference tip should be placed lateral … out ... horizontal… or further towards the end of the extremity.  For example:
  • Moving from Thoracic ( chest) sideways out from the spinal column (on the same side).  
  • At the Sacrum / Lower Lumbar, the nerve roots send signals down into the legs. Thus, the Active electrode, which ever one that may be, is placed at the Spine; the Reference electrode is placed further down the same-side leg, anywhere all the way to the tips of the toes.  
  • From the uppermost Thoracic, the currents move down the arms, all the way to the fingertips. The probes/electrodes are placed accordingly:  Active at the Spine; Reference toward the fingers.
  • From the neck spinal nerve roots, the currents circulate into the head, neck, face and brain.

    Delicate, precise, gentle micro-currents of bio-electricity move constantly.  The Acuscope "knows" how to help them get there if they are being blocked by resistance.  Reducing the resistance improves the flow. 

An experienced well-informed Operator allows the Acuscope to "tap into the wiring" understanding the natural directionality of the currents moving throughout the Nervous System. It is not natural to push upstream!  We must allow the current to move with the natural flow. Information is generated by the brain and at lightning speed travels to the extremities and then it turns around and comes back up.  

Once you understand this, you cause the Acuscope to be capable of doing what it's programmed to do . . . whether you understand how it actually does that or not! :-)

Regarding the force of the push behind the carrier waves, the Operator must sense the Intensity that is appropriate for the person or animal receiving impedance-monitoring microcurrent therapy. Probes and electrodes vary the requirement.  The head requires less of a push than the torso and extremities because it is more densely packed with nerve tissue and has more delicate, superficial connective tissue. Low Intensity, a gentle push is often all it takes to reestablish increased activity levels of cellular metabolism. 

What is the difference between the four current models of the Acuscope?

A very healthy body that sustains an injury is inclined to restore itself quite rapidly to complete self repair. With a boost, it does this even faster.  An older body, an older brain, has weathered many storms ... It may take longer, but with persistent effort the cells can be brought back to life to a startling degree.
  • The Acuscope 80L was for 15 years, the most sensitive, precision modulated model used to address the Peripheral and Central Nervous System. It has been called the Clinical Model because it was one most used in a clinical setting where older, depleted, post-op and those in dire condition are more likely to be treated.  Physical Therapy for the general population is best done with the Clinical model.

  • The Acuscope 80T replaces the Model 80L in the Clinical Set.  It s the latest and most advanced Acuscope available, released in April 2017.  Programming has been further refined to include assessment and resolution of issues in the Autonomic Nervous System.  New features including a choice of Polarity have been added.  The battery is longer-lasting.

  • The Acuscope 85P is calibrated particularly to treat sports injuries of healthy young athletes.     It is why this model is calibrated for horses, especially for the race and competition athletes.

  • With the Acuscope 70C, one can conveniently self-treat at home.*  It is lighter weight and more portable for moving from room to room.  And since it is available any hour of any day, persistent application will produce best results for long-term, chronic self-care.  The benefits of "re-charging" your own batteries on a daily basis, right at home are immeasurable.  Step-by-step instructions are given to help anyone restore nerve conductivity, sleep better, remain calm and relaxed, successfully managing pain issues as they arise.

    Many folks have the Clinical Model 80L at home and now the new Clinical 80T and they are doing great. We are hearing about the many benefits of consistent self-application. A family project ... Get everyone charged up to full cellular capacitance and see what happens!  Use the Ear clips regularly. Treat your Spine. Boost and balance the circuitry by addressing your Meridians. Etc.

    When someone says "it feels as though I can think more clearly these days" we smile. 

What is the difference between the newest clinical set (T Model) vs the previous clinical set (L Model)?

CLICK HERE for flyer on T Model System

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