Symptoms: Severe ADD, anxiety, trouble sleeping, anger issues, crying constantly, not wanting to even speak in English (spoke only in Spanish and not much at all), not willing to cut his own food, no appetite, had sporadic trembling of the hands, was not able to understand simple instructions, had trouble communicating with his parents and at school.

The boy received 14 treatments, one per day for 14 days, with the Neuroscope.

After the first few, the he started focusing his eyes on me when he spoke.  After the full 14 treatments his parents and I noticed that he is now able to understand instructions, does his homework fine, does not get angry, does not tremble any more, is able to speak in English, does his math and English homework fine, does not cry, can sleep fine, eats better, can concentrate better, is in a better mood, is more relaxed and friendly.