Lifetime military career in Army Ranger special forces. POW survivor. Navy seals program developer and hand to hand combat trainer/specialist.

Major PTSD and sleep disturbances. Chronic headaches/migraines. Shoulder pain and limited ROM resulting from injuries sustained during his POW capture.

After session 2, he was able to have an undisturbed sleep period for 3 hrs. Pt states it has been years since he has been able to sleep for 3 hrs straight.

After session 3, the patient reports reduction in headache pain.

After session 7, the patient is maintaining pain relief and better sleep, even when bad weather moves in. Bad weather in the past has been a major trigger for increased pain and decreased sleep.

After session 10, the patient had not had a headache/migraine in over a month. Patient has enough decreased pain and increased range of motion in shoulders to begin the rodeo sport of team roping.