Yes. The Electro-Acuscope is FDA registered as a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation device. However, unlike ordinary TENS which serves to temporarily block pain signals with a blast of milli-amperage current, the highly sophisticated Acuscope helps to resolve underlying issues at a cellular level by communicating through biocompatible microcurrents. It is literally non-invasive and without discomfort to the patient during treatment. When resistance decreases, nerve cells become reactivated, nerve conductivity improves, tissue repairs, stress is reduced; results are consistently remarkable.

The Myopulse is FDA registered in the Electrical Muscle Stim device category. However, it is unlike familiar EMS that uses a strong milli-amperage current to cause muscle contraction, tetanizes the tissue uncomfortably, and eventually results in muscle fiber exhaustion.  In contrast, the Myopulse delivers imperceptible microcurrent in waveforms that match electrical fields naturally generated by connective tissue cells. Restoring normal electrical potentials to contractile cells produces immediate and obvious change in muscle, tendon, ligament and fascia. Tightness releases, swelling reduces, sprains resolve, ruptures and tears repair rapidly, blood flow improves, range of motion returns to joints. The treatment feels completely comfortable and relaxing.

Together, these units comprise a complete Neuromuscular Microcurrent Therapy System enabling doctors, nurses, physical therapists (and their well-trained biotechnicians) in every field of physical medicine to provide remarkable, non-invasive pain management and stress-relief therapy.