Nope.  Nor do I travel anymore to provide training.  The in-person training experience is an inefficient waste of time and energy and expense.  Especially when there is a better way.  Since the advent of Skype, now FaceTime or Zoom, we can connect again and again anytime, as much and as often as needed, without bothering with airports, rental cars, hotel food and the wasted personal energy expenditure.  Days of in-person training are less effective because of the wear-and-tear of travelling on the participants, making them less than sharp mentally.  And when there is much to learn, it’s hard to learn and retain it all in a short span of time.

Whereas when we connect live on Zoom, it is as if we are instantly in each other’s treatment space.  I can teach you techniques, watch you execute them, coach you while we talk.  Then, you can practice for a few days or a week until we meet again … and again, until you are fully trained.  I have found it to be the most ideal form of training.  If you do not already have an iPad, let us know and we will include one in your Training Package.