Incorporating the most advanced biofeedback technology into its circuitry, the Acuscope and Myopulse are capable of detecting subtle electrical blockages and imbalances in the painful areas of the body.

Blocked and/or low conductivity may be heard as a low pitched tone from the Acuscope’s auditory (sound) feedback, and is seen as corresponding numbers reading low on the lighted number display which ranges from 1 to 100+.  When the Timer is set at 12 seconds, after 12 seconds of treatment, the instrument reverts back to “readout mode” and reveals the results of that particular stimulation.

When the tissue of a chronic painful area has been restored to a highly conductive electrical level, the lighted numbers on the Acuscope’s face give a readout consistently over 100.  Most patients find it interesting to see and hear this process occur as they are being treated; and relief from pain generally results simultaneously.  As nerve conductivity improves, the numbers read higher and higher and the audio feedback becomes a clearer, higher-pitched tone.  If you didn’t notice this before, ask your BioTechnician to show you during your next treatment.

The Myopulse also reflects similar beneficial changes during treatment of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia as a normal, healthy state returns to the connective tissue. If you listen carefully and watch the LED feedback, you will notice these improvements occur.