The Acuscope has a digital (number) display and produces auditory (sound) tones that allow for intelligent Operator control. An Acuscope Bio-Technician who is well-trained will know how to apply General Nervous System Well-Being Procedures, for example, by understanding that the readouts allow for detection of precise locations where highly conductive AcuPoints are located, these points are stimulated, acting like amplifiers of the neurotransmitters, boosting and balancing the varying degrees of resistance along neural pathways. The resulting sounds and numbers reflect the positive improvement in nerve conductivity.

In addition, the savvy Operator will be able to detect precisely where an acute (hot) tissue condition is located; and will know how to apply appropriate Frequencies that can help the instrument assess and evaluate the needs of the damaged tissue in its natural attempt to self-repair. By applying the correct Frequencies, swelling and inflammation can be diminished, and acute pain immediately reduced.

To further enhance the repair job, surrounding the acutely injured area, depleted zones can be located, and other Frequencies applied that serve to boost “exhausted” cells back up to a normal level of metabolic activity. The overall effect is to restore homeostasis (balance and equilibrium). This process requires an understanding of the feedback derived from the Acuscope while applying stimulation to the Nervous System in general; as well as specifically to the Nerve Endings in a particular involved area; and also, when addressing the trans-cranial transmissions of neurons (brainwaves).

The Myopulse also provides Operator feedback; however, of a different nature. It has a feature that can reveal where there is connective tissue specifically in a hyper-active condition (knots, spasms, pulls, sprains, strains and injury); where electrical potentials of groups of cells are excessively “over-firing”. It can also reveal where there is tissue damage that has remained unresolved over time, causing electrical potentials to become weak (“under-firing”); a tissue condition which will eventually cause disuse atrophy, cellular depletion, and chronic, prolonged pain syndromes. Understanding the biofeedback allows the Operator to apply appropriate treatment procedures, normalizing the “firing” potentials of groups of contractile cells, using the Myopulse.