The Acuscope is primarily used in ALT (Alternating) for the majority of neurological issues.  Nerve conduction, nerve cell function, and neuromuscular pain conditions are primarily addressed with Alternating Polarity.

POS (Positive) Polarity – In cases of wounds, especially where there may be a degree of infection (redness, swelling, seeping, etc.), choosing to apply the all Positive envelope will serve to bring more White Blood Cells to the area. White blood cells (WBCs), also called leukocytes, are the cells of the immune system that are involved in protecting the body against both infectious disease and foreign invaders. White blood cells fight infections from bacteria, viruses, fungi. and other pathogens (organisms that cause infection).  Thus, this added feature of the latest model Acuscope 80T provides additional valuable clinical applications.

NEG (Negative) Polarity – In cases of neglected trauma (old chronic unresolved painful injury) we can now opt to use the all Negative envelope.  It is used when you want to “awaken” the structures from dormancy where deep tissue is degenerating.  “Bring it back to life.”  Although choosing Negative Polarity does not actually cause the current to penetrate deeper; rather, the reverberation of the all Negative envelope keeps the waveform in the lower formation so it continuously “vibrates” the structures requiring reawakening to increased metabolic activity. Much like deep bass in music sounding from a good stereo makes your chest vibrate, bony structures respond especially well to this lower portion of the carrier wave.  Although you are not actually treating the bone itself, the continuous lower reverberation can stimulate and reactivate the periosteum (the tough, fibrous skin surrounding bone), resolving issues and contributing to bone regeneration.  In addition, staying in the negative envelope releases more lactic acid and further purges heavy metal toxins from the cells.