The Neuroscope offers Frequencies that are not available when using the Acuscope.  For Relaxation Purposes, the Acuscope has 8 Hz and 10 Hz within the Alpha Frequency Range (7-13 cps) which we use for clinical trans-cranial applications.  The Neuroscope has 12.8 Hz available for even greater mental clarity at the “top” of the Alpha Range.

The Neuroscope also has 4.6 Hz which is within Theta Range (4 – 7 cps), close to the deepest end; and at home can be used for help falling asleep.  We would not be having anyone taking a 90 minute to two-hour nap in the office!  And that is what  should follow using the Neuroscope on 4.6 Hz.  A complete sleep cycle; or a full night’s sleep; or as many hours into the night until one wakes up.  At which point, the Neuroscope is turned off and the Accessory is removed; and the points of contact are cleaned off with a hot, wet wash cloth.

Note:  one can fall asleep with the Headband on and set the Timer for 15 minutes, which should be enough time to drift off. The unit stops treating; however, it stays ON.  Because it has a NiCad battery, the Neuroscope can remain on for hours without issue.  We use it until the Low Battery light goes on which might be 30+ treatment sessions.  Unlike the Acuscope which has a Lead Acid battery that must be put back on charge immediately after use to not compromise the battery.

It also offers 0.5 Hz and 8.2 Hz which can be used for relaxation and chronic pain.  The Cup Electrodes are included in Accessory Package for Chronic Pain Management and AcuPoint Meridian applications.