Often a patient will feel immediate results during or within several hours after the first treatment.  A single treatment is commonly followed by hours of relief.  Occasionally the relief from a single treatment is permanent; however, this is quite uncommon.

Usually, a series of sessions (seven to eleven) is necessary to complete the job of achieving lasting results.  BE PATIENT.  The body in its infinite wisdom knows how to repair itself; the cells are naturally programmed to fix and replace themselves.  The Acuscope helps nerve cells and the Myopulse helps muscle and other connective tissue cells to do the self-repair job faster and more efficiently.

After your first treatment, when your body has used up the increased supply of energy, the pain (and/or limited range of motion) may return; usually it comes back to a lesser degree.  If the second treatment is administered soon thereafter, it is likely that the second treatment will produce more dramatic relief and the results will last even longer.  Preferably the first three treatments are three days in a row.

Occasionally no relief occurs before the 3rd or 4th treatment; then significant changes begin to be perceived.  Rarely it may take five to ten treatments to produce noticeable results. Fortunately, in these cases, when the breakthrough takes place, it is quite dramatic!

The average patient with severe chronic or very acute pain usually requires a series of eleven treatments over a four week period in order to obtain lasting or permanent relief.  It is recommended that you complete your entire series of treatments prescribed by your doctor to ensure that your body will be able to repair itself completely.