Yes, definitely. Once the cumulative effect is implemented by overcoming general systemic lethargy over a period of time using the Acuscope and Myopulse systemically, then the boost from Ear Clips or Head Band treatments are immediately conspicuous.

At first, most people are unbelievably depleted and that has to be handled. Until the peripheral nervous system can freely conduct nerve messages relaying all the way from the brain to the toes without abnormal and uneven resistance throughout the system, we can’t expect the trans-cranial application to completely clear out the “brain fog.” Once people have had a thorough “overhaul” with a clinical Acuscope & Myopulse series of treatments (all FOUR PARTS, a minimum of eleven sessions), the follow-through you’re looking for is using the Neuroscope at home. 12.8 Hz is its highest setting. I call it “Crystal Clarity.” :-) Better than an afternoon cup of coffee!!!