Be sure to increase your intake of pure, clean water to flush out the by-products of enhanced cellular metabolism.  This is a healthy habit in general and especially advisable during your course of Acuscope and Myopulse Sessions. TAKE SIPS OF WATER CONTINUOUSLY THROUGHOUT EACH DAY.

Pay close attention.  In the first few hours after a treatment, do not overuse the area being treated.  Allow the benefits to “absorb” and take complete effect.  For example, if your damaged knee has just been treated and it suddenly feels great, don’t go right out jogging!

Prior to treatments, shower and arrive clean.  Do not apply oils, lotions, or creams to your skin within 3 hours prior to your treatments, or it will “cloud the readings,” interfering with the biofeedback the instruments must use to analyze the condition of your cells.

Do not submerge your body in water for at least 4 to 5 hours after your treatments.  In other words, no bathtub, hot tub, swimming pool, or ocean swimming.  It changes the bio-electricity and will dissipate the benefits of the microcurrent applications.

Be sure to eat healthy, nutritious meals.  When the Acuscope and Myopulse improve cell metabolism, it is important that vital nutrients be available for hungry (starving) cells to absorb!

If you feel like taking a nap in the afternoon, or going to bed early, be sure to do so!  At first you may be more tired than usual.  This is the wisdom of your body knowing that while we are sleeping, the regeneration (repair work) gets done most efficiently.

Do not go to sleep at night with a “full stomach.”  Be sure you eat early enough to have completely digested the evening meal, or your body will be directing energy to your digestive tract rather than to the job of regenerating tissue that has been treated, where your pain is located.

Pay attention to what you say when you talk to yourself and/or other people about how you are doing.  Be sure that your Self-Talk is optimistic.  Make a positive interpretation of everything that happens.  For example, if you are feeling pain, say “That’s my cells doing a repair job right now!”  And visualize yourself (and all your body parts) full of energy and vitality!