The Acuscope was introduced in 1978 and the Myopulse in 1983.  Both have evolved over the years. The T Series, released in 2017, is the latest of this unique impedance-monitoring biotechnology.

What’s new:

The Acuscope 80T

  • Offers expanded programming, benefiting the Autonomic Nervous System in addition to the Central and Peripheral Nervous System.
  • The Gain Spectrum has been refined for greater accuracy.
  • Choice of Polarity is available for the first time as an Acuscope control.
  • The T model Acuscope has modified circuitry allowing for use in two locations at the same time; Mode-1 and Mode-2 operate on separate and independent circuits.

In both the Acuscope 80T and the new Myopulse 75T and 75TN modalities

  • Battery capacity is greater and stronger allowing for longer treatment time before requiring charging.
  • Microchip programming is advanced.
  • Biofeedback is acquired with greater precision.
  • Computerized analysis of cellular data is enhanced.
  • Resulting resolution is faster than ever.
  • Digital displays are backlit with a blue screen; easier to see the readouts.
  • Everyone loves the new blue LEDs (lights were red in previous models.)