Both units are Input/Output (I/O) devices. They differ in their programming in terms of biofeedback acquired from the tissue; and their waveform that delivers a corrective influence.


The Acuscope is programmed to “pick-up” biofeedback (Input) from nerves and generate microcurrent square wave (Output) which influences the nerves and improves the conduction of neurotransmitter signals along neural pathways throughout the Nervous System.


The Myopulse is programmed to acquire information (Input) about myofascial cellular activity and generate microcurrent sinusoidal (sine) waves (Output) which influence the electromagnetic fields generated by groups of contractile cells firing simultaneously.

The Acuscope treats the nerves and addresses neuropathy. The Myopulse restores connective tissue (muscle, tendon, ligament, and fascia) to a healthier condition (restored electrical potentials).

Based on the science of electrophysiology, these microamperage waveform configurations are identical to naturally occurring bioelectricity and can therefore produce a precise, corrective influence. When the correct Frequencies and waveforms of biologically compatible microcurrent are delivered into tissue in abnormal states of conductivity, changes occur, often immediately. It is evident from the resulting digital and auditory readouts that resolution and balance (homeostasis) is being restored. Tissue regeneration follows.

Acuscope (nerve) & Myopulse (muscular) devices are both used during the same treatment session for injury recovery and pain management. This therapy can accurately be called neuromuscular reeducation. Acuscope can help reeducate nerve cells to deliver their messages with improved conductivity and Myopulse can cause muscle and other connective tissues to release tightness and constriction, returning to normal strength and range of motion. All types of damaged cells appear to finish their incomplete self-repair jobs as a result of using both the Acuscope and Myopulse. In the process, acute pain subsides (often immediately) and old, chronic, lingering issues are frequently resolved. Nerves relax. Sleep improves. Smiles return. Outlook on the future brightens!