The Acuscope is a highly sophisticated electronic medical instrument which is designed to scan and treat many types of painful conditions.  It is one of a class of FDA approved devices called TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation).  TENS means that electricity is used to treat pain by stimulating the Nervous System of your body without puncturing the skin in any way.  However, unlike common milli-amperage TENS units which (much like pain medication) are designed to temporarily block the pain signals from registering in the brain, the Acuscope uses microamperage, a significantly milder level of electricity that helps tissue restore itself to a normal, healthy state. In fact, microamperage is often called “bio-identical electricity.”

Incorporating bio-feedback and computer chip circuitry, this unique technology is programmed to monitor your body’s bio-electricity and deliver exactly those currents that will correct and adjust nerve transmission until normal signals are moving smoothly through the Nervous System.  The Acuscope is the most technologically sophisticated, gentle and effective Electrical Nerve Stimulation available.