When injury to living tissue occurs, pain receptors and nerve endings disperse chemicals (such as histamine) into the damaged tissue.  Once these elements accumulate, congestion occurs and eventually resistance increases.  The bioelectricity takes the path of least resistance through the area and cellular metabolism is reduced.  This is called impedance since this causes impeded (blocked or reduced) conductivity.

The Acuscope and Myopulse are known as IM µA (Impedance Monitoring microAmperage) Biotechnology. Impedance-monitoring means that the degree of resistance is being continuously assessed (i.e., evaluating how “impeded” is the flow of currents being conducted through the tissue). All other microcurrent devices are “blind output” only and are therefore unresponsive to the particular needs of the cells, which are continuously changing as issues worsen or resolve over time.

How well the microcurrents move through the tissue located between any two electrode contact sites is being measured utilizing sophisticated nerve conduction (Acuscope) and muscle tissue (Myopulse) biofeedback monitoring. Through a relay of three uniquely programmed microchips, acquired input is used to configure the output, producing an individualized corrective influence that varies continuously during stimulation.

Here’s how it works:
Acuscope-Myopulse technology incorporates proprietary programming, computer circuitry in a three chip relay.

  • First, as the current moves in one direction (from the body into the instrument) information regarding impedance (resistance) is being monitored; multiple factors are picked up as biofeedback, acquired by the first microchip inside the instrument.
  • Next, this information is analyzed by the second microchip which runs comparisons to universal norms in order to evaluate discrepancies.
  • Then, this information is relayed to the third microchip which configures a corrective influence, delivered from the device into the body via bio-compatible microcurrent carrier waves.

Similarly, in both instruments the polarity of the probes contacting the skin reverses every two seconds.

As the push-pull of the Alternating Current (AC) continues to read-treat-read-treat, Input-Output continues, circulation increases, and conductivity improves, especially in tissue that was injured and still remains clogged with leftover debris. Eventually, cellular metabolism will return to normal, healthy levels and pain signals will subside. Resulting improvement can be observed in the digital display readouts and can be heard in the auditory tones. These are a direct reflection of Impedance-Monitoring.

The Acuscope and Myopulse are the only Impedance-Monitoring and self-adjusting (cybernetic) microcurrent modalities available for Physical Therapy in health-care today. No other electrical stimulation devices are capable of this type of processing.