Unlike all other microcurrent (and milli-Amperage) electrical stimulation devices, the Acuscope and Myopulse are not “blind output only.”  In contrast, the Acuscope and Myopulse perform an intelligent interaction utilizing sophisticated microchip circuity to acquire biofeedback input, analyze abnormalities, and deliver individualized output (“an infinitely variable waveform envelope”).

The Acuscope has a digital (number) display and auditory (sound) feedback that reveals to the operator exactly where inflammation is located (the nerve cells are excited and nerve endings highly activated, agitated). Heightened metabolic activity occurs where tissue cells are in an acute state.  And further, the readouts can show where surrounding tissue has become depleted and discharged (drained of energy/exhausted) from the workload!  The Acuscope is capable of sending in appropriate signals to boost where a recharge is required or disperse the congestion where there is swelling and inflammation.

The Myopulse reveals where connective tissue is abnormally tight, constricted, and/or injured; and can further show where muscle, tendon, ligament and/or fascia is becoming weaker and potentially atrophied; also, where there is scar tissue.  The Myopulse will then deliver treatment based on this biofeedback, in order to release constriction or boost the electrical potentials of “under-firing” contractile cells until they are back to normal strength and cellular capacitance (the ability of a cell to hold a charge) has been restored.  There is a cumulative effect over time. With persistence, strength and mobility return, even in severe cases.

As a bonus, unlike other types of electrical stim, Acuscope-Myopulse treatments are completely comfortable. No sensation is perceived other than the smooth rolling of a metal roller electrode massaging an area, or the slight pressure of a rounded probe tip gently applied to AcuPoints, Trigger Points and/or tender pain sites. Plate electrodes produce no uncomfortable sensations.  And while one may notice that change is occurring, there are no negative side-effects.