In areas of acute tissue damage/trauma, the pain, swelling, heat and inflammation decreases; this is frequently observable during treatment. Because the influence of the Acuscope helps to further increase cellular metabolic activity, the speed of natural tissue self-repair is accelerated. “Speedier recovery” than would otherwise be expected is frequently reported (post-injury and post-op).

When tissue condition is chronic, cellular electrical activity is minimal, the injured cells having become “discharged” and depleted over time. Treatment with this bio-technology gives a “boost” to deficient cells. They are literally given a “jump start” like charging up low batteries; until they can once again “hold a charge.”

A series of treatments will result in improved overall cellular capacitance (the capacity of cells to achieve and maintain a full charge). This result is conspicuously evident by the readouts pre- and post-stimulation. Bio-feedback from the Acuscope is displayed in digital readouts (numeric) and auditory (sound) feedback, indicating that positive changes are occurring; and results can be tracked for record-keeping purposes. When nerve cells are restored to a normal level of energy production and metabolism, tissue conductivity is improved. Patients consistently report a subjective difference that corresponds to positive changes in the readouts.

Much promise has been shown in the application of this unique biotechnology in cases of brain and spinal injury, stroke, paralysis, PTSD, and other severe nerve impairment conditions; as well as in serious generalized connective tissue conditions. Sustained and persistent treatment is required for significant, long-term results; but it is well worth the effort, as many grateful individuals and their families will confirm.