62 year-old Female: Scoriasis; Diabetic Neuropathy

Female Age 62 Scoriasis; Diabetic Neuropathy Severe, scaly skin condition with pain and swelling in the feet, weakness in the legs. Difficulty walking. Exhausted, debilitated and depressed when she first came to us. Had tried many types of prescription skin creams and ointments that weren’t working. After 3 weeks of Acuscope and Myopulse treatment: Much [...]

62 year-old Female: Scoriasis; Diabetic Neuropathy2023-10-24T18:10:51+00:00

36 year-old Male: Back Injury from Auto Accident

Profession: Farrier Back injury from auto accident, L5 fracture 2 yrs prior to coming in for treatment. Reports that he has chronic pain in whole back, but has the worst pain in c-spine and lumbar spine. After session 1, felt “looser”.  After session 4 had significant reduction in pain, including after a full day's work [...]

36 year-old Male: Back Injury from Auto Accident2023-10-15T13:43:17+00:00

9 year-old Male: Severe ADD

Symptoms: Severe ADD, anxiety, trouble sleeping, anger issues, crying constantly, not wanting to even speak in English (spoke only in Spanish and not much at all), not willing to cut his own food, no appetite, had sporadic trembling of the hands, was not able to understand simple instructions, had trouble communicating with his parents and [...]

9 year-old Male: Severe ADD2023-09-29T16:00:24+00:00

62 year-old Female: Brain Injury

A 62 year old woman suffered brain injury from a serious auto accident, resulting in inner ear damage. Symptoms: low energy, major vertigo, dizziness, nausea, inability to process sounds, imbalance and unsteadiness. Condition persisted for 11 years. After a series of 10 treatments with the Acuscope, she showed significant signs of improvement. Present condition: no [...]

62 year-old Female: Brain Injury2023-09-29T16:00:29+00:00

56 year-old Male: Diabetic Ulcer

Presented with a sizable diabetic foot ulcer and painful infection on his leg that had persisted with no relief from other options. After three months of treatment, the ulcer portion is now a small, hardened scab nearly at the end of its process. He has suffered for a long time with staph on his leg [...]

56 year-old Male: Diabetic Ulcer2023-09-29T16:00:34+00:00

62 year-old Male Veteran: Various Pain Syndromes

"I’m a 62 yr old male. I have had two surgeries on my left shoulder, one upon my right shoulder. Additionally, I was bitten by a rattlesnake 17 years ago and have had 3 bone grafts to treat that issue. In November 2011, I had an opportunity to have this treatment for my ailments. As [...]

62 year-old Male Veteran: Various Pain Syndromes2023-09-29T16:00:39+00:00

50 year-old Female: Doctors say there is no cure

Has a disorder causing hardening of the skin, affecting her calves and tops of the feet to her toes. Her legs were red and blotchy and even had some open sore eruptions on the calf.  She could not sleep through the night and even the feel of the sheet on her legs was extremely painful. [...]

50 year-old Female: Doctors say there is no cure2023-09-29T16:00:45+00:00
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