64 year-old Female: Insomnia

Patient reports that for nearly 10 years she has struggled with getting even a remotely normal sleep each night.  Every night it takes her about an hour to fall asleep and then she gets 1-2 hours of sleep before waking up and tossing and turning the rest of the night until her alarms goes off [...]

64 year-old Female: Insomnia2023-10-18T14:45:25+00:00

74 year-old Male: Major PTSD and Sleep Disturbances

Lifetime military career in Army Ranger special forces. POW survivor. Navy seals program developer and hand to hand combat trainer/specialist. Major PTSD and sleep disturbances. Chronic headaches/migraines. Shoulder pain and limited ROM resulting from injuries sustained during his POW capture. After session 2, he was able to have an undisturbed sleep period for 3 hrs. [...]

74 year-old Male: Major PTSD and Sleep Disturbances2023-10-15T13:43:46+00:00

42 year-old Female: Torn Distal Infraspinatus Tendon

MRI shows tear to right distal infraspinatus tendon. After 9 sessions the patient was able to get back to normal daily activities, gardening and work with increased range of motion and pain resolution. Some of these sessions were “mini sessions” which are short sessions, consisting of a Part 2 and Part 3 localized pain area [...]

42 year-old Female: Torn Distal Infraspinatus Tendon2023-10-15T13:31:40+00:00

82 year-old Male: Neuropathy

PresentingCondition/Symptoms: poor balance (using a cane for stability); painful neuropathy in both feet; “deadness” in legs; visible stiffness in extremities and in spine; low “energy level” reported as “tiredness”. Number of Treatments with Acuscope-Myopulse Biotechnology: 8 (over a four week period). Objective Changes in Condition: has regained balance, walking without a cane. Has regained feeling [...]

82 year-old Male: Neuropathy2023-09-29T16:30:37+00:00

48 year-old Male: Multiple Sclerosis

Male Age 48 with Multiple Sclerosis. After treatment: He has experienced much better mobility and control of his legs as well. He had incredible results after the second treatment; seems to be staying about the same for the last 4 treatments. He is very happy with the treatments.  Will report more as he continues once [...]

48 year-old Male: Multiple Sclerosis2023-10-15T14:58:09+00:00

62 year-old Male: Spinal Cord Injury

Male Age 62 with a spinal cord injury (T12 fracture). After treatment: He continues to feel more energy and control of his movement after his eleven sessions. He has been getting lots of involuntary muscle twitches of the legs and feet. He tells me that he feels like he almost has enough control to try [...]

62 year-old Male: Spinal Cord Injury2023-10-15T14:58:32+00:00
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