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Tip of the Day #2: Beneficial Effects

Contemplate the Words and Images Below

Look at each chart, then visualize these same structures inside your own body and brain.


The Acuscope delivers gentle microamperage currents that boost the movement of microcurrents along existing nerve pathways. Boosting the life force begins by seeing the structures, the lines along which neurons fire in a linear relay.

Human body for study, showing the muscles while running

The Myopulse delivers a direct influence on the connective tissue structures.

Connective tissue structures are comprised of groups of cells that fire simultaneously generating electrical fields which the Myopulse can assess as low/poor conductivity when atrophied and weak, or excessive when tight, constricted, or injured.

The body-calibrated Myopulse 75T is strong and goes deep into muscles of the body (also tendons, ligaments, and fascia.)

The Myopulse 75TN is sensitive to smaller, more intricate structures, the muscles of the head-neck-face.

Imagine that!

Consider that we can provide a positive, life-enhancing influence on all Systems by doing what we do to boost the bioelectricity of the Nervous System and Connective Tissue with the Acuscope and Myopulse.

Beneficial Side Effects? Yes!

  • Improved blood flow
  • Better lymph circulation
  • Flushing of cellular waste products
  • Increased nutrient absorption by all types of cells
  • Indirectly, even the bones benefit by being “fed” calcium & magnesium when cell membranes repolarize and ion channels open.

It is an honorable work we do.

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