Tip of the Day #3: Live Plants

In your treatment rooms and offices, be sure to have indoor plants to produce and provide fresh Oxygen continuously (transpiration) for you and everyone around you to breathe. Living tissue cells require Oxygen to do their work (respiration). Oxygen deprivation is dangerous.I highly recommend the Philodendron Brasil (featured photo) and Pothos. Abundant heart-shaped leaves and [...]

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Tip of the Day #2: Beneficial Effects

Contemplate the Words and Images Below Look at each chart, then visualize these same structures inside your own body and brain. The Acuscope delivers gentle microamperage currents that boost the movement of microcurrents along existing nerve pathways. Boosting the life force begins by seeing the structures, the lines along which neurons fire [...]

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Tip of the Day #1: Endocrine Glands

Did Kou Know that the Endocrine Glands are Centers of Energy Production in the Body? As they secrete their hormones into the system, there is an associated electrical field created by their activity that can be detected by biofeedback, and picked up by the Acuscope. The bioelectricity generated into these discrete fields surrounding each [...]

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