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Key Concept: Bioelectricity

Biological Electricity can be Measured and Improved

Microcurrent biotechnology grew out of the field of science called electrophysiology: the study of the electrical properties of cells. Scientists in this field recognize that living bodies are electrically wired, and that cells generate electricity referred to as bioelectricity.

The use of biocompatible waveforms and frequencies is based on the fact that every cell in the body generates measurable electrical currents. You are likely to be familiar with some of the more common biofeedback devices:

  • brain (EEG)
  • skin (GSR)
  • heart (EKG)
  • muscles (EMG)

Most people are unfamiliar with the electricity of the nerves, which is commonly measured by neurologists in a Nerve Conduction Study (NCS) or Nerve Conduction Velocity (NCV) test when there is pain.

The biofeedback acquired by the Acuscope carries information about both the electrical activity of nerve endings and nerve conductivity; this data reveals the underlying condition of the tissue. Where there is inflammation, tissue is in an acute state of self-repair, cellular activity is heightened, and fluids cause increased conductivity. Where there is a chronic condition caused by past injury—especially in scar tissue—cellular electrical activity is minimal.

EEG stands for electroencephalography, which is the act of measuring electrical activity on the skin of the scalp, in order to record the electrical activity of brainwaves caused by firing of neurons in the brain. Typically, a band of frequencies is recorded and analyzed because the frequencies within these bands are associated with particular brain states.

Applying gentle microcurrent transcranially (across the brain), Acuscope treatment at a frequency of 8 or 10 Hz generates brainwave frequencies within the Alpha range and a state of relaxation is experienced. Deep relaxation is known to be highly therapeutic and is therefore recommended for persons with painful physical issues. With persistent repetition, Alpha Brainwave Therapy can produce the ability to relax at will as needed. This is valuable for pre-op preparation and post-op recovery. Results of this Acuscope Therapy Procedure over a series of treatments include reduced stress, better sleep, a more cheerful outlook.

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