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Key Concept: Impedance Monitoring

The Only Self-Adjusting Microcurrent Equipment Available in Healthcare Today

When conductivity is blocked or reduced in the body’s tissues, we refer to that resistance as Impedance. The Acuscope and Myopulse are input/output devices, constantly detecting this impedance and using that biofeedback to immediately configure doses of microcurrent that are beneficial to the cells. This monitoring and adjustment is what sets the Acuscope and Myopulse apart from all other electrical stim devices.

When using the Acuscope, biofeedback input from the nerves regulates square wave output to the Nervous System. When the Myopulse is in use, biofeedback input from the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia regulates sinusoidal (sine wave) output to the connective tissue.

The goal of treatment is to return the tissue to a normal level of bioelectrical activity. When resistance is reduced, improved conductivity allows all types of tissue to more effectively use proteins and other nutrients for cell growth and self-repair. Restored bioelectricity levels are observable in the digital and auditory displays.

Similarly in both instruments, two electrode contacts are placed on the body in locations appropriate to the issue. The polarity of the electrodes reverses every two seconds—when one is positive, the other is negative—then they switch. This occurs continuously during treatment producing the following effect:

  • Input – As the current moves in one direction—from the body into the instrument— proprietary programmed computerized circuitry first “reads” the condition of the cells. Information is being “picked up” utilizing advanced Impedance Monitoring (IM) biofeedback acquisition.
  • Analysis – Once biofeedback information is acquired, it is analyzed (comparative analysis) by the next microchip processor.
  • Output – Then, the results are the foundation of a precision-calculated corrective influence. This Output is delivered into the cells via biocompatible microcurrent carrier waves.

Using the Acuscope

The push-pull, send-receive, Input/Output of microcurrents moving in square wave formation results in decreased resistance (also thought of as improved nerve conductivity). As circulation of bioelectricity increases throughout the Peripheral and Central Nervous System, neurons return to a normal, healthy level of activity. Improvement is objectively observable in real-time as higher numbers appear on the Acuscope’s digital display and can be heard in the corresponding auditory tones.

Using the Myopulse

The push-pull, send-receive, Input/Output of microcurrents moving in sine wave formation through connective tissue cells results in normalizing their electrical potentials (also thought of as improved cellular capacitance, the capacity to “hold a charge”). As circulation of bioelectricity improves throughout the structures of the body (muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia), especially after an injury, a return to a normal, healthy level of cellular activity produces greater strength and flexibility. Improvement is objectively observable in real-time as more balanced numbers appear on the Myopulse’s digital display, LED lights cascade more evenly, and this effect can be heard in the corresponding auditory tones.

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