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Key Concept: Microcurrent

Microamperage (μA) is the Level of Current Generated by Living Cells

The Acuscope and Myopulse generate microamperage current (a microamp is one thousandth of a milliamp, or one millionth of an amp.) Microcurrents are continuously moving through living tissue. Microcurrent biotechnology generates the level of electricity scientifically proven to match—and therefore produce the most beneficial effect on—the body’s cells.

See the study by Ngok Cheng, et al to understand how microcurrent causes enhanced cellular metabolism by:

  • increasing ATP production* (which milliamperage stimulation reduces);
  • improving intra/extra cell membrane transport by cell membrane repolarization;
  • helping to flush out metabolic wastes and bring in bioavailable nutrients through reactivation of the ion exchange process—the Sodium Pump Function;
  • resulting in a boost to collagen and elastin production and protein synthesis which are necessary for tissue building and self-repair.

Our health depends upon the ability of currents to move freely throughout the body and brain. When electrical currents are blocked in the heart, brain, and/or peripheral nerves, fatal results can follow. The gentle push provided by biocompatible microamperage currents restores conductivity.

*Microcurrent reactivates dormant mitochondria in the cells, stimulating greater production of Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP, which is the reservoir of energy for the tissue, and fuels cellular metabolism. ATP is involved in virtually every activity of the cell including nerve transmission, muscle contraction, and protein synthesis. ATP is the fuel the cells require for self-repair and new cell growth. Microcurrent treatment naturally boosts mitochondrial productivity, thereby assisting the body in restoring normal, healthy tissue.

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