Key Concept: Gain

What is the Gain Spectrum? While the Acuscope’s Frequency and Intensity settings control the delivery of the treatment carrier waves, the Gain Spectrum presets the monitoring level, “fine-tuning” the biofeedback for accuracy and precision. The “optic eye” of the Gain Spectrum is how the circuitry “looks” at the tissue. Sensitively adjusting the Gain to [...]

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The Importance of Proper Probe Placement

The Acuscope is programmed to “know what to do” when it communicates with the cells, acquiring biofeedback and delivering a corrective influence. The responsibility of an Operator, a Biotechnician, is to place the probes in appropriate positions that allow the technology to most efficiently communicate with the biology. The nature of polarized electricity [...]

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The Biochemistry and Bioelectricity of Injured Tissue

The Biochemistry of Injury Following injury, damaged cells in injured tissue immediately “amp up” as they kick into action, initiating multiple self-repair mechanisms. They begin discharging certain bio-chemical substances, (such as arachidonic acid, a component of the phospholipid structure of the cell membrane itself) from wounds into their immediate surroundings. From this, prostaglandins [...]

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Key Concept: Impedance Monitoring

The Only Self-Adjusting Microcurrent Equipment Available in Healthcare Today When conductivity is blocked or reduced in the body’s tissues, we refer to that resistance as Impedance. The Acuscope and Myopulse are input/output devices, constantly detecting this impedance and using that biofeedback to immediately configure doses of microcurrent that are beneficial to the cells. This [...]

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Key Concept: Microcurrent

Microamperage (μA) is the Level of Current Generated by Living Cells The Acuscope and Myopulse generate microamperage current (a microamp is one thousandth of a milliamp, or one millionth of an amp.) Microcurrents are continuously moving through living tissue. Microcurrent biotechnology generates the level of electricity scientifically proven to match—and therefore produce the most [...]

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Key Concept: Bioelectricity

Biological Electricity can be Measured and Improved Microcurrent biotechnology grew out of the field of science called electrophysiology: the study of the electrical properties of cells. Scientists in this field recognize that living bodies are electrically wired, and that cells generate electricity referred to as bioelectricity. The use of biocompatible waveforms and frequencies is [...]

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