What Does the Neuroscope Do Differently than the Acuscope and Myopulse?

Answer: Acuscope PART ONE and PART FOUR Treatment Procedures are designed to produce a comprehensive effect on the nervous system when applied over a series of treatments. The Neuroscope can help to prolong and further produce similar benefits. It is a follow-through to provide self-maintenance when used at home. Unlike the Myopulse, which directs sine wave current into the connective tissue, the Neuroscope—like the Acuscope—directs square wave current into the nerves.

Some great things about the Neuroscope:

  • small unit, lightweight
  • can use it anywhere in the house – in bed, on couch, out in the back yard!
  • can fit in carry-on luggage when travelling (great to overcome jet lag and eliminate “brain fog”)
  • has a NiCad battery – good for about 30 separate 15-minute sessions before requiring charging
  • “Pink Noise” audio feature helps to eliminate distracting noise during a relaxation session

The Neuroscope has only 4 Frequencies:

  • 0.5 Hz
  • 4.6 Hz
  • 8.2 Hz
  • 12.8 Hz

Using the Cup Electrodes produces improved conductivity in chronic (NOT FOR ACUTE) pain syndromes by applying this range of slow Frequencies. The Cup Electrodes can also be used on AcuPoints along Meridians for systemic well-being.

Using Ear Clips or Headband, the Alpha frequencies produce a calming effect.

You would use 8.2 Hz for an afternoon or evening power nap if you can remain quiet and especially if you need deep regenerative rest for a recovery period after illness, accident, or surgery.

You would use 12.8 Hz (I call it “crystal clarity”) for an afternoon power nap if you want that quick pick-me-up “energy boost” to clear the “brain fog” like a cup of coffee – but oh so much better for the brain cells!

4.6 Hz is the Theta Frequency (drowsy, “Twilight Zone,” falling asleep). Because you can set the Neuroscope Timer for 15 minutes, you can use it to slow down the brainwaves and fall asleep with it on. Take a nap of a Complete Sleep Cycle (90 minutes to 2½ hours); or leave it on to initiate a full good night’s sleep.

CAUTION: DO NOT USE THE 4.6 Hz Frequency to fall asleep UNLESS you can remain asleep for a prolonged period of time…or you will feel disoriented and drowsy.

We cannot use the Acuscope to help us fall asleep because it would “kill” the battery. Lead acid batteries have to be put on charge immediately after use. The big, clinical unit therefore cannot be used as a Theta-Frequency-generating sleep aid. The NiCad battery in the Neuroscope is meant to be used many times and can safely remain on indefinitely (until the Lo Battery light indicates it requires charging).

I would recommend that the Neuroscope be introduced for PART FOUR sessions in the clinical setting once quite a few therapeutic treatments have been given with the Acuscope. Once someone has used the Neuroscope in your office, they are frequently eager to have one of their own to use at home.


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