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How Would I Use the Acuscope to do Iontophoresis?

Answer: The Acuscope and Myopulse were not designed for this purpose. Iontophoresis uses electrical stimulation to drive medication into the body. This is generally done with a direct current stimulator.

Dr. Nebrensky, the inventor, never suggested that the Acuscope be used to do iontophoresis. The issue, primarily, is that the coupling agent required for the read/treat function is specially-formulated, highly-conductive Electrolyte Solution or Cream. The manufacturer’s Solutions and Creams are created to overcome skin resistance and stabilize delivery of the information conducted by the microcurrent carrier waves. Any other substance applied topically will interfere with the function of the Acuscope circuitry’s ability to analyze cellular data and conduct an accurate influence into the tissue.

However, after a treatment is complete, the skin can be washed clean with a hot, wet washcloth and if a topical application of some sort is applied, the absorption into the tissue will have been heightened by the previous Acuscope-Myopulse treatment. This presupposes that the treatment was applied to an area of tissue with a moving electrode. Subsequent topical applications would be applied to the same tissue site.

This is a concept we consider when using the Facial Calibrated Myopulse 75TN: following treatment to the face and neck, we apply Creams formulated by the manufacturer to further boost vitality and enhance collagen production. One, for example, CRM-CR62, is “a complex blend of essential oils for replenishing vital nutrients to the cells of the skin surface and underlying layer where collagen and elastin become depleted over time”. The skin will be highly conductive after treatment and the maximum value will be derived from the application of this nutritious cream immediately following treatment.

Please contact me for a complete listing of the manufacturer’s nutrient-rich after-treatment Topical Facial Creams. Great for at-home daily use!


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