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Is There a Setting or Treatment Protocol that Would Boost One’s Energy and Alertness, Like a Cup of Coffee?

Answer: Yes. Yes. Yes.

Most people are unbelievably depleted and that has to be handled first.

In PART ONE of a Complete Treatment, we focus on the peripheral nervous system until it can conduct nerve messages to the fingers and toes without impeded or uneven resistance. In PART FOUR, we recondition the central nervous system with repeated trans-cranial applications of the Ear Clips and Headband. (Detailed step-by-step instructions are provided in the Training Materials.)

Once you overcome the generalized depletion through the cumulative effect of these sessions, then the boost from trans-cranial treatment with the Ear Clips or Head Band is remarkably rejuvenating.

For people who have had a thorough nervous system overhaul with a clinical Acuscope 80L or 80T series of treatment sessions, the follow-through can be to use the Neuroscope at home. Applying 12.8 Hz, its highest Alpha Frequency setting, will boost one’s energy and alertness. I call it “Crystal Clarity.” :-) Much better than an afternoon cup of coffee!!!


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