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I Received Limited Training from Someone Else. Can You Tell Me How to Get the Best Possible Results with this Technology?

Answer: Absolutely! We deliver the utmost benefit from this technology when we provide the FOUR PARTS of a COMPLETE TREATMENT.

In PART ONE of each treatment session we use the Acuscope to treat the body as a whole.

This incredibly important step:

  • Restores conductivity to the entire Peripheral Nervous System.
  • Generally realigns and rebalances our body’s bioelectricity.
  • Achieves a level of overall cellular charge.

In PART TWO we use the Acuscope to treat a pain site directly.

Patients can tell you right where it hurts—usually the worst where it originates—and there is often also referred pain.

Focusing on the site, we use the Acuscope to measure impedance values—the degree of resistance—creating a “map of the territory” in terms of bioelectrical activity.

Acute tissue will be more highly electrically active and therefore relatively more conductive, especially when hot, inflamed and full of fluids (swollen).

Chronic and depleted tissue will be less electrically active and therefore more resistant to the gentle push of microcurrent moving through the tissue. The flow is impeded; that’s why the measurement we take is called the impedance value. Scar tissue, for example, is hardly conductive at all: it is greatly impeded.

The numbers that appear in the digital display before and after each stimulation reflect the degree of resistance in the tissue between the two points of contact. All numbers are relative to the Gain. Adjusting the Gain is a key factor in monitoring the readouts and fine-tuning the Acuscope to the tissue being addressed.

As the Acuscope Operator, you are someone who must understand these things; it will enable you to produce the most efficient and effective results.

In PART THREE we treat the the same involved area with the Myopulse to restore the connective tissue to full cellular charge.

It is essential to properly use the Myopulse to identify the varying tissue conditions in the involved area. Once we can see and hear what’s going on both in and around a pain site, can we can choose the proper Probes and Electrodes with care. After determining the zones of acute and depleted cellular activity, we follow with the Myopulse Treatment Procedures.

We apply lower frequencies to dormant and depleted areas in order to gently “wake up” these sluggish cells and reactivate cellular metabolism. We apply higher frequencies to acute tissue (where cells are already in a heightened state of self-repair).

In this way the instrument can literally communicate with tissue according to its present state.

After a series of Acuscope-Myopulse sessions, the pain is actually gone because tissue has finally been able to finish its self-repair work. We know that it is programmed to do so naturally; however, it had become too depleted to continue until given a biologically-compatible boost to its batteries by Acuscope-Myopulse treatment!

We also apply PART FOUR, helping the brain to generate brainwaves associated with a relaxed, pain-free state.

The purpose of Cranial Electrical Stimulation is to restore conductivity and cellular charge to the central nervous system.

We primarily use frequencies within the Alpha range of 7 – 13 cycles per second. An EEG of a person in a deeply relaxed state would depict even, regular brainwaves within this Alpha Frequency range.

15 minutes of using Ear Clips or Head Band is all that is required for each treatment session. The reconditioning process is achieved in a series of sessions over time.

We use the Acuscope first because of its programming and then the Neuroscope at home to supplement and reinforce what only the Acuscope can achieve. When applied properly, briefly, and regularly, the brain starts operating again at greater capacity, more neurons are firing, and the CNS is generating Alpha-waves naturally.

If the Acuscope and Myopulse are used as they are meant to be applied, overall cellular charge can be restored and pain issues resolved. But Rome wasn’t built in a day. Gradually, over time, consistently…the best result is to be moving forward in the right direction.

Is it necessary to do all FOUR PARTS every time?

Everything you can do with this technology falls under one of these four categories. Together the FOUR PARTS comprise a complete overhaul to the neuromuscular bioelectricity. Applied separately, each part delivers a particular benefit. When combined, the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts!

When a treatment session cannot be long enough to include all FOUR PARTS, provide PART TWO and PART THREE together for the utmost benefit to a pain site. Or, provide only PART ONE and PART FOUR for general systemic well-being. Any part can also stand alone, if necessary.

Once you understand this concept, you can make an intelligent choice as to what to offer in any particular treatment session.

Of course, all FOUR PARTS is the ideal :-)

If you have any further questions, or are ready to dive deeper into understanding the system, do not hesitate to reach out and contact me to get started.


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