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How Do You Decide Which Acupoints to Use?

Hi Jan,
I have a question about your Treatment Procedures Program, PART ONE. You indicate that we are to use “Master Points” – same one on each Meridian both sides for “Horizontals” (Procedure #1) and two on the same Meridian for “Verticals (Procedure #8) for up-and-down each Meridian. How did you decide which AcuPoints to use? Any particular reference book or source?

Answer: Regarding the “Master Points” question: If you look at any Acupuncture reference literature, you will see that many of the Points used in the PART ONE Treatment Procedure are the most commonly used AcuPoints.

Stomach 36, Bladder 60, Gall Bladder 20 and GB34, Large Intestine 4, Liver 3, Kidney 1, Heart 7, etc. . . . these are found in many, many Acupuncture formulas for managing all types of problems. Thus, for the “Horizontals” #1 Procedure, you will see these used.

For the “Verticals” #8 some of the Points are somewhat more obscure, less familiar. I chose the points that are popular in Acupuncture formulas to use for up-and-down the Meridians.

I think that using the terms “Master Points” and “End Points” (ends of fingernails and toenails) and “Junction Points” (where Vertical Lower Body Meridians cross Horizontal Upper Body Meridians) makes for a simple approach that is clear. The approach is organized this way to be comprehensive when the goal is to affect the entire Peripheral Nervous System.


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