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What is the Best Setting to Increase Facial Muscle Tone on the Myopulse 75TN?

Answer: If you open your Flash Drive—the one with all the documents that was included in your Training Materials—you will find explicit step-by-step instructions.

Look at the folder called:

“12 – Facial Training Materials”

Open document called:
“3 – Probes Used for Facial Rejuvenation” to see all the ways this can be done. The most popular electrode for treatment is the Y Probe; however, you get the best results if you do the procedure with a variety of electrodes.

For the quick overview step-by-step, see document called:
“3-B -Facial Treatment Step-by-Step”

The last documents at the bottom of list in this folder may give you some ideas for promoting this in your practice, if that’s what you are interested in. They are word documents . . . so you can add your contact information and use as flyers.

If all of this doesn’t make it perfectly clear, or you somehow can’t find these documents, please let me know.

After you’ve looked at them, if you still have any questions, do feel free to ask :-)

If you don’t have the Training Materials yet, contact me to get started!


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